EVEN THE JUDGE HATES HER IRRELEVANT QUESTIONS BY WILLIAM THOMAS JENSEN (TOM) FRANK CARSON CASE 05/31/2016 I finally returned from the dead today, and was able to attend the brief morning session of this preliminary hearing. I have been unable to attend for over a week, after coming down withContinue Reading

This is the morning report of the Frank Carson preliminary hearing on May 31st 2016. At the start of the court today which had a late start of 11 a.m. Robert forkner advice record of Patrick Hamptons arrests in Tuolumne County then requested any Communications that the District Attorney’s officeContinue Reading

Texas man accuses dog of shooting him in the ass By Marty Carlson 5-30-2016 A Texas dog might’ve taken a bite out of crime recently when a man that was suffering from a pot induced paranoia had called the police saying someone had shot him in the ass. The chiefContinue Reading

This is a long and detailed post I suggest you sit down and take the time to read through it slowly. Since I posted Linda Taylors interview, which I consider a self-interview and self-serving, I have been looking into her activities that lead to the arrest and eventual trial ofContinue Reading