The intruder “cried like a baby” after getting shot

by Marty Carlson

11-year-old boy from Alabama was home alone playing with his dogs Wednesday morning when he heard a noise upstairs.

he told a local TV affiliate that he was scared and he grabbed a knife and prepared himself.

The young man said that a man appeared on the stairwell that ran back upstairs when confronted. And when the man reappeared moments later the individual was holding a gun.

The 11-year-old stated he was coming down the stairs and was talking that he was going to kill me “fuck you” in all that he said.

The 11-year-old told the station that he then put down the knife and picked up a 9 mm handgun that was in the home. The he stated that he told the man that he would kill him and ordered him to get out of the house.

Apparently the ship had did not taken seriously because he didn’t seem to be worried about it and he just kept advancing towards them.

The 11-year-old shot the suspect inside the house, which caused the intruder to flee.

Apparently one-shot outside the house did hit the shit head in the leg and went straight through the back of his leg and 11-year-old said the wannabe tough guys start crying like a little baby.

The man was taken to a local hospital with injuries that were not life-threatening and Talladega police are investigating the incident but at Not identified the suspect.

Alabama has enacted stand your ground laws that permit the use of deadly force against an aggressor in 2006.

A 2013 addition to the law allows for the use of deadly force against someone is using or about to use physical force against an owner employee or other person authorized to be on business property why the businesses closed to the public or committing or attempting to commit a crime involving death, serious physical injury, robbery, kidnapping, rape, sodomy, or a crime of sexual nature involved a child under the age of 12.

Chris and his mother told the TV station that they were familiar with the suspected home invader, but also stated they did not know him well.

He was referred to as a meth head in his 30s were robbed them before is known for targeting other homes in the area. The 11-year-old then finished the interview by saying I hope you learned your lesson from coming to this house trying to steal stuff.

Pretty good shooting for an 11-year-old in a stressful situation