By Marty Carlson

This is a lunchtime report of the Frank Carson case on May 2nd 2016

We did the typical late start this morning on Mondays at 10 o’clock and where it actually started about 20 after 10

First order of business was Martha magana advice that she’s violin motion to strike Beverly Woody’s testimony.

Percy Martinez it advised the court that Frank car says no longer waiving time and Court will now have to be in session 5 days a week. Jesse Garcia said if that’s the case that he would have to recuse himself and withdrawal due to his physical therapy needs. The judge advised Percy to talk to her client some more and make a decision by the end of the day to be clear for everyone involved.

In regards to Percy’s verbal motion the other day the judge begin to discuss the issue of the DEA coaching the witness and what Percy described as gross misconduct. Percy now advise the judge that he wants to file a written motion to be briefed in case law Incorporated.

Jesse Garcia says he is unable to continue cross-examination the Patrick Hammond with the Court’s ruling on Thursday that restricts documents that can be used. The judge advised him there was only some restrictions and actual crimes committed in prison could not be used but there punishments good.

Where is Patrick Hampton was bringing brought into the courtroom surrounded by three bailiffs he looked over at Jessie Garcia and called him a little birch, I see he’s picking the right up where he left off.

The furnace mr. Personality sat down on the witness stand the attorneys were going through some papers to get the right documents up and he started laughing that Jesse Garcia and the judge immediately admonished him tell him he will not be tolerated today, she stated she has her voice back today and we’ll deal with him. He kept saying yes your honor and no your honor is very nice to the judge.

Discussion listen to some charges that he had received welding CDC which had ended up placing him and security housing unit at Pelican Bay.

Then a long discussion was made in the courtroom out of the witnesses present about the other case and when he was transferred to Corcoran prison, Garcia’s claim that it was a similar pattern which occurred in this case which led him to give information to law enforcement about a homicide back in the 90s and that he had received favorable treatment for it.

Madame da argued there is no Foundation Jesse Garcia’s claims simply said that Patrick Hampton had credited out of the security housing unit at Pelican Bay. Does making the information is not really relevant.

Patrick Hampton was brought back to the stand stating that he had spent 18 months in the security housing unit in Pelican Bay in April of 1994. It was also noted that he had appealed the decision to send him to the shu and they gave notice of a document stating his appeal has been denied.

It was at that time that Patrick decided to become an informant and contact law enforcement in regards to giving information on the udder case.

It was shortly thereafter talking to investigators from Modesto in that case he was transferred to another prison which was a lower security level which gives him more privileges.

There was in a long discussion about documents and locating the proper referrals in regards to his paperwork from Department of Corrections comma but the DA’s objections were overruled and then it was revealed in 1994 he was advised he would not be used or needed to testify in the UDD ER case.

Another defense attorneys are not allowed to discuss the nature of the violations while he was in prison but can willingly admit on the stand that he was in the Shu for a weapons possession in a pris.

This is pretty much it is for the Morning Report and just as a note Patrick half and continue to make obscene gestures to multiple people in the courtroom including this blogger comma and I counted a total of 12 fuck you either verbalized or mouth towards attorneys and he did that one time mouth off to Jesse Garcia saying that he felt he was too old to be moving around on a scooter because he has to use one because he has a broken ankle.

This gentleman is a real Class Act and has no business being in a courtroom for the little information that he is providing basically a lot of drama by this gentleman for a little substance value just to feed his ego and let him have some fun, and make a mockery of the justice system.

Porter resume at 1:30 today






  1. Hey the Bee won an award for investigative reporting. Sunday paper 1B. It was for their justice delayed series. Well, guess I do not need to come here anymore for information as the Bee does such a fantastic job. WTF is going on? Just slapped myself in the face, yep I am awake. This is what journalism has turned into? Not only about the shittiest coverage I have ever seen, but a national award? I guess I just have to get my information now on from what Lady Macbeth feds them. This is a travesty, an award for investigative reporting? It is justice delayed too? How about an article on Hampton making a mockery, and delays, because the DA is calling this witness that has zero credibility. The are all patting themselves on the back about this. This is terrible in worst ways. They were probably the only newspaper in the contest.

  2. As I sat here watching this “piece of work” make filthy comments to the Attorneys and gallery members I couldn’t help but feel how sad that this judge can’t seem to get control of him

    She reminds me of those parents that are constantly telling their brats “please stop it” and yet they just laugh and continue their bad behavior because he knew he wouldn’t suffer any consequences

  3. Hampton is just another one of the DA’S tactics to prolong this case and make innocent people suffer. Their is no reason the Judge should let this creep continue with his bullshit. Next they will put Jacobson back on the stand only to lie more and waste more tax payers money and the guilty criminals roam our roads looking for more innocent people to harm.

  4. You ever been in WalMart when it is really crowded and you are asking yourself “Why did I come here?'”
    Usually their are children who are running all over just knocking shit off shelves and destroying everything and you wonder where their parents are?

    I would pay money to have been able to watch Hampton in a WalMart as a kid. So long as I wasn’t there shopping, but just for the pure entertainment value of seeing how much damage he could do.

    Hampton at 10 years old destroying WalMart- your next award winning Modbee investigative series.

    I have to quit right now these flying pigs are driving me nuts.

  5. Serious question, why would the defense want Beverly Woody’s testimony stricken from the record? It is full of lies and changing stories. Seems like her testimony could help with a lot of reasonable doubt for the jury. I mean, Beverly Woody, Regular Woody, and Hampton, as witnesses for this case.

    Seems like the witnesses called so far are all working out great for the defense (If it goes to trial)

    1. strike the testimony and it never existed so there is no evidence to be considered period.
      Who knows how he judge is swaying

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