This is a lunchtime report the Frank Carson preliminary hearing on May 3rd 2016

Car started at 9:30 this morning with defense attorney Robert forkner advising the judge he was not pleased for the past Patrick Hampton total disrespect and Folly in the courtroom and I think I feel that I can speak for everybody in the room that agrees with him. Robert forkner just wanted to make a record and devise a judge of his feelings and left it at that. The judge had no response.

Then once again the courtroom was cleared for an in camera hearing which I believe was in regards to Patrick Hampton again and that continued on till about 10:45 a.m. where we were finally let into the courtroom and Court reserved at 10:56 a.m.

What’s testimony started again Patrick Hampton was on the stand and was asked about Linda Sue Burns and was showing a file with a case history from June of 1999 on an Oakdale Police Department case. Also included where Debra Lynn Davis, Cynthia J Madden comma Laquita mourere, Ronald Turner Johnny Wilkins. Mr. Personality then realized what the situation was and it was a argument that turned into a fight with a police record to the building that they all lived in.

Two more names that were brought up where Johnny demise and a James Eagleton where Patrick Hampton that stated they were friends of his and never had provide information about them when asked by Robert forkner. Course it’s not like he’s going to admit it anyway.

Martha magana requested 2 recross Patrick Hammond again and asked about the February 15th 2216 date where he had spent some time at the DA’s office after the Oakdale incident. He said he had talked Steve Jacobson briefly comma and so Madame da an investigator bunch briefly at the District Attorney’s office while he was there.

Call Martha magana ask him about a previous statement that he was taken in a stolen car with Steve Jacobson he said oh come on Martha yeah he took me to a taco truck too . (Note sarcasm)

Martha magana made a motion to have all of Patrick Hamptons testimony stricken from the record comma and Robert forkner then ask for the special instructions about threats made by Patrick Hammond throughout all of his testimony in this case. The judge advised them to file motions.

Believe it or not we were finally done with Patrick Hammond falling into disrespecting towards women and the in the court, and personally I was glad it was over because he was starting to smell in the room

The next witness called to the stand who is a employee of the District Attorney’s office who Translate Punjabi to English and one other language, and also stated that she is a victim’s advocate for the District Attorney’s offices

During voir dire where the Madame da was trying to certify this Witness the judge had to admonish her for testifying and giving answers for the witness as to her experience. Where we heard that one before.

The witness stated that she had a certificate stating she had been trained but the Attorney General’s office come all I hear is and all defense attorneys objected to her certification based solely on that training

The judge then began the line of questions to the witness inquiring as how many times he’s been qualified in court and other activities that would qualify her.

We been broke for lunch to come back at 1:30 and I know it’s a short report.