This is the lunchtime report by Marty Carlson


The morning session was started with Madame da advising the court she had brought 2 Witnesses in to testify today with no notice to the court or the other attorney’s

One of those Witnesses was from the Chevrolet dealer to discuss the key fob security feature on the Silverado pickups. I guess she is not satisfied in the previous witness that she put up being one of her own investigators.

Second witness that she brought in was what I understood to be from the insurance industry or the Atwal insurance company at the time that the truck was stolen and burned

All the defense attorneys of course objected as they had no notice and apparently Madame da feels that she can trial by ambush and not let the defense know who she’s going to put on the stand the next day. This seems to becoming a pattern in this case I am wondering if this is a pattern throughout the county

The most vocal opponent of this was Martha magana explain that there’s no way to prepare for a witness that they are not aware that’s going to be put on the stand, nor any previous information provided whatsoever as to their testimony they will provide.

After the dust has settled a little bit and apparently the judge is going to allow this to happen comma Madame da also advised the attorneys that she is giving them a new packet of discovery concerning the transcripts of the translations done by the witness on the stand today. No previous Discovery have been provided the Madame da felt the need to shuffle the papers in a different order as she said it would be easier to follow and all the defense attorneys again some of them screaming at the top of their lungs that this is a discovery that has been changed at last minute that they were not able to prepare for. In addition this Witness was only here to testify to the Punjab translations and they were not set aside from the English translations.

After some contentious argument again the judge advice Madame da that she needs to go take a break and calm down and go kick a ball or throw investigator Bunch down the stairs or something of course jokingly. So at that time we took a break for everybody to reorganize the documents and the translations to the way that Madame da decided that they were going to be done now.

Once testimony resumed again the translator for the DA’s office stated she would receive recordings to translate from Punjabi to English. Seda was trying to get the witness to explain some of the processes that she used she was not able to again not lay a proper Foundation 2 olicity testimony that she wants is having trouble with the witness understanding. And of course this led to multiple injections as improper questioning and no Foundation type questions.

In addition Martha magana was not prepared to stipulate that she was ready to continue on due to the or an organized nature of the start of the day and was not willing to stipulate to let the Punjabi witness leave if she is needed for some clarification.

Once a witness started testifying the da began having her certified that she had in fact translated each individual transcript separately. Now I must know that the first wiretap that was made and these are being used today was on June 24th 2012 which is interesting is only about 3 months after Cory disappeared they’re already using wiretaps on a missing persons case because they always claimed it was a missing person case not a homicide at that point.

I did write down all the dates that they were talking about of the ones they were going to use but I will summarize it by year period in 2012 between June and July they are presenting 14 transcripts of wiretaps. In 2013 between September and November there are 23 wiretap transcripts that they want to introduce. In 2014 there are eight wiretap that they want to introduce between May and June. And in 2015 there are three wiretap they want to introduce all in the month of March.

Madam ask the witness about some slang terms that are used in Punjabi language one of them being Bhanchod which apparently means sister fucker.

In addition there was a II slang term that was asked aboutcalled bhaar-da-yaarb which apparently means sister lover in English then there was a third slang word ask about called sala which has apparently three different meanings what is idiot the second is fucker, in the third meeting could be brother-in-law. Apparently according to the translator how the words are used in sentences is how it’s determined what their meaning is.

Martha magana made a notice to exclude where Camp testimony in 2013 is not relevant which was denied.

Percy Martinez main objection as to the qualifications of this Witness in the Hindi language as he feels it was not done yesterday comma so Madame da with India qualification again to make sure that she is qualified in the Hindi language comma and her qualification car that she talks to her friend a couple times a day in Hindi language but has been no official certification or education.

So again a lot of confusion in this case is it has gone all along there is no smooth order no fluency comma and new obstacles seem to be thrown out every day instead of just playing by the discovery rules and notification rules of witnesses. I constantly hear Madame da making references that she’s getting Tried by ambush but yet she is constantly pulling things like she’s trying to do today and in addition she has these Witnesses sitting around all day long waiting to get on the stand because they weren’t notified to the defense of what they were going to say or do.

At that time we went to the lunch break to be returning back at 1:30 to listen to look some more yelling in the courtroom.



  1. I am just wondering, how much real trial experience does Ferreira have? Has she ever been lead prosecutor in any real trial before? She just seems lost. Like is she doing these things on purpose, or does she just lack experience, and not know what she doesn’t know? Does she know she is doing things incorrectly?

    1. Those were the same questions I had the first time I ever saw her in court I have no idea

    2. Just for information this information was sent to me by an anonymous reader:
      She has been a DDA since 1998. She is not a “new” persecutor. She is a Chief Deputy. She is an experienced lawyer who is arrogant and operates as if the Evidence code and penal code don’t apply to her. She is very arrogant and routinely is successful at intimidating people. Frank Carson has never been afraid of her and remember she is doing the bidding of Dave Harris. The MO of this current DA and her entire staff, with a few exceptions, is to withhold discovery and to play fast and loose with their constitutional duties to turn over discovery. Judges never hold them to their obligations just like what is happening in the Carson case. This is the Rule from the California Supreme court: Holman v. Superior Court (1981) 29 Cal. 3d 480 and In re Miranda (2008) 43 Cal.4th 541, state the accused is entitled by due process to reasonable pre-preliminary hearing discovery where that discovery is necessary for the adequate preparation and presentation of that preliminary hearing.

  2. As usual the corruptness continues. Of course the DA had to have time for, the transcripts to be redone to her satisfaction. It appears none of the discoveries were turned over in a timely matter. They were either lost couldn’t find them or not done. It has been over 3 years . The DA office is out of control. Appears they need to go back to grammar school and learn how to organize.

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