I had to be at home in the morning, so that I could get my air conditioning serviced, and was able to attend the afternoon session. I guess I missed some fireworks earlier in the day. There was a huge argument about some antics by Prosecuting DA Marlissa Fereirra that I am sure Marty Carlson will inform us about.

The afternoon session was like watching paint dry. Judge Zuniga, looking very worn down, made that comment during the afternoon session. I must agree wholeheartedly with her. The judge has a tentative end date of May 20, 2016 for this preliminary trial. Nothing happens on time during this trial, and I would bet the farm that this preliminary trial will extend into June. Injustice at a snail’s pace is happening, and Frank Carson continues to lose massive amounts of weight. I worry about Frank, and hope that the judge will use her discretion to finally put an end to this political prosecution.

The lady employee of the Stanislaus County DA’s office that they are using for an interpreter is back on the stand. The defense attorneys have made a very strong case to point out her utter lack of qualifications. First and foremost, she has never been certified by any organization to do translations of Hindi to English. She was only certified by someone that works for the Stanislaus County DA’s office. The judge seems to be inclined to accept her as an interpreter. I don’t understand her reasoning at all.

Defense attorney Percy Martinez starts out by asking her if she knows how many dialects of Hindi exist. She could not answer the question. He asks her if the Hindi word “Fatty” can be interpreted as three different words. She stated that she knows that. She seemed to be unaware that when an Indian man is speaking to an Indian man Hindi words have a different meaning.

It is brought out that this lady attended only 1st grade while in India as a child. Hindi is not taught in school until High School in India. Percy Martinez gets this lady to admit that she has had no formal testing to be an interpreter.

Defense attorney Hans Hjertensson takes over questioning, and gets her to admit that certain portions of the recordings were hard to understand, and she had used her discretion to cut out portions that she thought were not relevant to this case. She admitted that she put in names of people into the translated transcript based on who she thought the recorded person was talking about. How could she really know who the recorded person was speaking about? She stated that she knew basically nothing about this case before being asked to translate the phone intercepts, so coming up with names must have required the help of people who are not impartial in this case. Hans Hjertensson was concerned that Marlissa Fereirra was speculating about instances where she assumed the conversation was concerning Daljit Atwall, and Frank Carson.

It was brought out that these recordings were previously translated by someone prior to the Ramey Warrant being released, because this young lady was not employed by the Stanislaus County DA’s office at that time.

Martha objects about something that I can’t remember, and the judge overrules her objection, in order to “Move things along.” Martha gets very upset, but holds her tongue. Martha storms out of the side door of the courtroom, and we go on a 15-minute break. Judge Zuniga makes a comment about “This is how we do it.” That reminds me of another song I know.

A few more discussions happened before we were allowed to go home. Court resumes at 9:30 AM tomorrow.

Sincerely; William Thomas Jensen (Tom)


    1. dawg417 – I am the guy people love because I am so honest, But then they get pissy when I do the same with them.
      dawg417 says:

      Sadly it really has been all along

  1. This just goes to show the DA is adding and removing things in this case to satisfy her. This is not right. How in the world can someone leave out things being said and add things to benefit them. This is TOTAL CORRUPTION FIRE THEM ALL NOW . How can any Judge continue this case? Lets spend some more of Stanislaus County Tax Payers Money after all we don’t need it this county is is great shape.

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