Just let them fight I can’t see the light

by Marty Carlson


Picking up in the afternoon where we left off in from the morning, Mme. DA finally rest in the recertification for qualification of the translator.

Percy Martinez begins to ask how many dialects there are in the Hindi language, and the translator did not know, he then asked her about many words that are different to and she stated that does happen depending on the area and the location that jury and in India. She also stated that he indeed is not taught in the first grade, nor did she grow up with it, but she cannot write it either only speak Hindi.

Defense attorney Hans began asking her about some of the bad language words that were used earlier and how she knew that. She also stated that she translated real-time straight to the computer on live conversations. They also discussed what was done if there was a bad connection on the calls or if it was dropped for cutting out, and she stated that was noted in the translation if that were to occur.

Apparently there were some editorializing done by her on some of the comments while translating and not doing it verbatim. She would put a belief or a presumption of some of the comments while translating of some of the wording but not just actual words used. She stated she was told to skip what she sought was not relevant. And also did not translate entire conversations in their entirety. And again would make notations on what she thought was relevant.

Mme. DA objected along that line of questioning stating the monitor of phone calls on a wiretap is allowed to decide what is pertinent and what is not, which I thought was very strange comment said she keeps talking about the truth of the matter and the DA employees could decide not to document or translate information that could exonerate somebody to along that line of thought.

Then there was a long argument by the DA that the recordings are minimized by the monitors not the translators, so they might’ve been minimized prior to talk translating the conversations. The problem with some of that is Mme. DA did say that the translator did monitor live conversations. But apparently whoever was moderating the recorded conversations may have not recorded in higher conversations so I guess many of them could be taken out of context I don’t really know and maybe nobody does.

Martha Magana the Mme. DA at that point started throwing barbs at each other at things look like their escalating between the two. Martha Magana stated she is moving to strike all recordings of people not related to this case, as apparently there are some of prodigy saying involved as he is not accused in this case. Sounds like you’re trying to throw little fluff and stoked the fire. Martha Magana also requested to see what instructions were given to the translator prior to her translations.

Mme. DA is transcripts are not evidence but it is funny that were spending a lot of time on non-evidence in these hearings.

More long arguments continue to be made and remade and it was suggested that this time may not take any more testimony from this witness, as a DA wants to send her on her way and the defense says they may want to recall her after Steve Jacobson’s testimony.

Percy Martinez made an interesting point that this particular translator started with the District Attorney’s Office in late 2014 or early 2015, so according to Mme. DA’s comments no translations were done prior to that. The Percy Martinez stated that on the Ramey arrest warrant there is references to Punjabi interpretations for translations as part of the justification used to get a warrant authorized by a judge. He inquired who did the translations at that time prior to this employee’s employment. No answer was really given to this question as a just continue to get more and more hectic and argumentative in the room.

At one point Martha Magana decided it was time to take a break and got up just simply walked out of the room, and the judge decided that point she would call for recess and actually it appeared she found it quite humorous stating that she has learned that from the judge.

Coming back from break, Mme. DA began making another long argument about the defense holding up her witnesses that she had there to testify. Now remember these witnesses were there unscheduled unplanned and unprepared for, as the DA just had them appear and give no notification to the defense or even the judge.

In addition, Mme. DA obviously pretty aggravated at this point started making comments to investigator bunch at the table where he was sitting next to her, and the judge chastise her for making those comments as she could hear them as could everyone else. Sadly, I could not hear the comments myself, or I would repeat them right now.

Back to the translation issue that never seems to end with this translator who does not have any official training or legal certification by anybody other than the school of life. Defense attorneys argue that many of the evidence and arguments presented by the District Attorney’s Office are becoming cumulative and actually nonrelevant. It appears that she’s going for the Walmart method of trying to put a mass amount of smoke and mirrors, but there does not seem to be any quality evidence presented as of yet.

At that point the judge realize that the more testimony is going to be taken for the day and released the witness for the day, and rescheduled the other two witnesses that the District Attorney’s Office had sitting there all day long, and unscheduled, and ordered them to return next Wednesday at 130 to talk about issues with the truck again.

Also during the conversation apparently there was some information they came in what they referred to as it as SDT, it is subpoenaed evidence that is supposed to be kept in a secure condition and open by the court. Apparently Mme. DA felt it was appropriate for her to take the packet that she received and opened it as to see what is contents were, and not presented to the court to be opened and maintain proper protocols, etiquette, and transparency. And the reason for those protocols are if the attorneys subpoena records for example and it is not open by the court that leaves the question have some of the information been added to removed were tainted or edited. Any first year law student would be aware of that as it is common knowledge.

Finally court was recessed to be continued tomorrow at 930