INTERPRETER WARS CONTINUED FRANK CARSON CASE BY WILLIAM THOMAS JENSEN (TOM) 05/05/2016 Today, we continued the testimony of Bal Sindal, an employee of the Stanislaus County DA’s office that was used to interpret intercepted phone calls done in Fijian Hindu language. This is a very controversial situation because of whoContinue Reading

The wheels of justice turn slowly by Marty Carlson 5-5-2016 The afternoon session started late like always in the judge’s finding of certification I believe in part of the Punjabi translator of yesterday’s. There were also some talking of moving the motions from tomorrow until next Wednesday at 830, andContinue Reading

This is the lunchtime report of the morning session of the Frank CARSON et al case This morning started with Martha magana talking about translation documents that were personally translated by miss Sidal. She stated that she got oral instructions from Steve Jacobson on how to translate the documents, andContinue Reading