This is the lunchtime report of the morning session of the Frank CARSON et al case

This morning started with Martha magana talking about translation documents that were personally translated by miss Sidal. She stated that she got oral instructions from Steve Jacobson on how to translate the documents, and she was unsure about how many translation she had done. She stated that she was not literally translating the conversations the basically paraphrasing many and has registered some calls to unknown numbers so they may not have been translated at all.

Madame da then began indirect again asking if she had translated anything and 2012 2013 or 2014 and of course she said no she was not with the DA’s office then so she could not have been in the war room but receive recordings later to translate. It was also revealed that a Newman police officer by the name of Singh hair review phone calls that were in Hindi.

Percy Martinez ask is Steven Jacobson in the room during translation much are all the time. She said she had to clarify who the suspects were and referring to who was subject of conversation, it was instructed by Steve Jacobson to either change or insert comments to clarify. There was also specific documents referring to Frank by the use of the term “fatty”. I was told to insert person’s name in those spots even though she did not know who they were referring to.

Horns began inquiring about the Newman Police Department translator and some of the calls that he had done. He talked about some calls that were from prior to employment that way what they called minimized. And there was a reminder of some that were not translated at all.

Martha magana ask about non pertinent information that was not detailed in her instructions. Which really brought no results in the way of answer.

Phantom da beginning asking about your determination that was made on basis of previous calls and our knowledge of their voices and the way they talk to each other she was also made aware the type of investigation from the investigators.

Again the da had to witness leave this town so she could show an offer of proof stating that for every wiretap there is a dedicated computer to that specific phone number, so there is a bank of computers but I’ll just have to one phone number for wiretaps. It must be also noted that yesterday the district attorney made an objection to this type of testimony stating it was getting into the function of the wiretap room and did not want to reveal that information to the public and now she starts talking about it on her own.

Madame da decided to move on to another area of questioning and again started bringing up Mission dolls told her what she had left when she was seven years old, and the witness also advised that she was never told What notes to insert into the transcripts just took it upon herself. Maybe that there was a certification process through the state or somebody we could get better things done.

And then again another long argument over offer of proof by the DEA to try to get the judge to understand the translators purpose of speculation and notes. The judge of the visor that’s not the information that she’s bringing out and that she knows her job. The judge also talked about such as this testimony was brought out yesterday and she is rehashing information and Madame de plainly said oh I didn’t remember that.

Attorney Hans then began asking questions again inquiring about the many names that the Atwal had referred to each other as had other people

To a question asked by Martha magana the witness could not remember some nicknames that was applied to some people.

Percy Martinez in wanted to question her qualifications for her wiretap certificate as he felt that they were misled to what the class at the Attorney General’s office was for as I thought it was translations but it turns out it was for wiretaps. He then quoted certain Penal Code sections like 629.94. In addition did she have any supervisory people in the room that she answered to what she was doing translations after being asked several different ways with the witness not really understanding she advised that Steve Jacobson was in the room at least during the live translations

Martha magana again started asking questions asking if she had had any police activities a sign prior to taking the course is she read from the attorney general’s website the qualifications to being accepted to take the class it did not appear that this Witness fulfilled any of those.

It appeared to me that this young lady was falling on your sword a little bit for the DA’s office and not really understanding what was expected or needed from her. It would seem to me a professional law agency like the District Attorney’s office would use certified translators for something that is this important just my opinion.

The next witness was called to the stand Newman police officer by the name of Singh which revealed that he was originally from the Fiji Islands and spoke the Fiji Hindi dialect until he was 19 years old when he came to the United States. He currently takes a lot of the Hindi language while he’s here with his family and at church activities. He stated about two years ago he was asked to assist in this case but could not remember exact dates or even months. He was not certified in wire taps at the time but it has been since that time. He also could not clarify exactly when and which documents recordings or Live Wire Taps that he translated for. He did not seem to have good recall.

Madame da then began a series of questions in regards to Praveen Singh, for some reason he’s not part of this case but she felt the need to do this. But the witness stated he had done some translations for mr. Saying and conversations with his wife. In addition he said that he was familiar with probably anything as they go to the same church and some of the same activities together.

As far as the qualification of this witness as being able to and translate this language Jesse Garcia Ruiz ask if he cannot if he could remember the dates are years of his certification and he said he can not. He also stated that Miss sundial had some trouble with some of the translations that he had to correct those are the translations from the previous Witness.

At that time Madame da was making an objection to something that was looking for some paperwork or documents in a file the judge was giving her one of those jobs like looks that she waited almost five minutes and then decided there was close enough to lunch time so we can break what she found the document.

Court to be resumed at 1:30