With no court today, I am reflecting on the last six months of testimony in the Frank Carson case. Why this preliminary trial has taken so long puzzles me. There has been very little evidence presented, and a whole lot of time and money spent. I wonder why the DA keeps doing political prosecutions, given their dismal track record on these fiascos.

I first became aware of these political prosecutions with the trial of our former Mayor Carmen Sabatino. I attended every day of testimony in that trial, and reported on what I saw happen. There was no justification for the 12 felony counts brought against Carmen. He prevailed in court. Frank Carson was his defense attorney, and did a simply brilliant job in defending the innocent.

AJ Pontillo who is a local bail bondsman was the next political trial I was concerned with. The authorities tried to say AJ was kidnapping some of his clients by handcuffing them at his office when they would try to skip out on making payments, and threatening to take them back to jail. That is simply something that is done in the bail bonds industry, and AJ was found totally innocent of all charges. AJ’s pregnant wife and baby died partly as a result of the stress that they had to go through. Frank Carson defended AJ in this trial.

Frank Drummond was the third political trial that I attended. Frank was teaching Police Science classes at the Modesto Junior College, and busted several local police officers who worked in the program for misconduct. The DA tried to convince a jury that Frank Drummond was a child molester. The DA failed to convict Mr. Drummond. Frank Carson defended Frank Drummond.

Now Frank Carson is having to endure the trial of his life. A young drug addicted man named Korey Kauffman was known to be stealing antiques and scrap metal from the Carson property in Turlock. He ends up being found dead in the mountains. The DA is trying to hold Frank Carson to trial for his murder. There really is no proof that Korey Kauffman was killed. Six months of testimony has provided very little evidence, and it is all being provided by drug addicts, felons, and people who are getting special consideration with their legal troubles from the DA’s office. The misconduct committed by the prosecution in this case is staggering, and will be addressed in a motion to dismiss in the next few days.

So let’s get back to the reason why they keep doing these political prosecutions. I believe that the prosecution is willing to spend our tax dollars endlessly because they are being allowed to do so. In many cases, they are being encouraged to do so from powerful people in our community that are using the court system to accomplish their goals. We live in an area with very limited financial assets, but they are more than willing to squander our tax dollars to try to destroy people that they dislike.

Yesterday, I had the opportunity to talk to one of the defense attorneys. I was told that the prosecution has already presented the best evidence that they have. I was told that there is nothing to worry about in the cell phone conversations that were intercepted. The attorney told me that there “Is simply nothing there” to worry about. The same thing goes for the cell phone tower ping testimony that will be heard soon.

It appears that the prosecution is not going to put Michael Cooley, or the confessed killer Robert Woody on the stand. I am told that Cooley is a heroin addict, and they are afraid of what they may get from him on the stand. Bruce Perry, the attorney for Robert Woody has been sitting in court every day, and watching the testimony. I believe he sees what we all see; that the prosecution has a very weak case. I do not think that Robert Woody is willing to cooperate with the prosecution based on this fact. Woody may be taking a different approach to his defense, based on the advice of his attorney. Just speculating on this folks.

I believe the prosecution believes that they win these cases even when they lose. They succeed in draining the financial resources of their enemies, destroying their political careers, and putting people on notice that they are not to be messed with. They like to inflict the maximum amount of pain that is possible. That is why it has taken 6 months to produce such a weak case.

We are at a figure of over $4 million for this preliminary trial, and the prosecution has “No Silver Bullet” to save their case. They have shot their best rounds already. They may have enough to carry this over to a trial before a jury of 12 people, but can never win a conviction. The total cost will be staggering. They don’t care. It’s not their money that is being wasted, and they are being allowed to spend it any way their perverted minds want. In the meantime, innocent people suffer in jail, while they see their life savings disappear.

Sincerely; William Thomas Jensen (Tom)