Here’s today’s podcast with Tom Jensen and Warren Yates talking about the Carson case and some other issues to that are really interesting I think you guys will enjoy what you’re about to hear.


There’s been a lot of good comments lately on the site I appreciated and I like to get more good positive feedback going with people it does not matter what your opinion is as long as your civil I like to see more stimulating conversation happening.

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  1. No one should feel a need to be afraid of Patrick. He is nothing more than a BIG PUSSY. He wants people to be afraid of him and acts like he is untouchable. There are people out there he is running from and his days as numbered. We are put on this earth and when it is our time we will depart. When that is no one but God knows, so people need to live each day to the fullest and that BIG PUSSY and the other corrupted DA and law enforcement he will handle since he does not like ugly.

    Warren the doctor who treated that lady should be able to tell by the extent of injuries if they were caused by a fall or from someone. It appears with the injuries they were inflicted by someone with great force. Law enforcement are getting to the point where they don’t want to take the time either because it is to hot or they just don’t give a dam to write the report out and handle it correctly because they will get a slap on the wrist and out on the street again only to harm or kill someone.

    I thought when you transcribe something it should be word for word. Since when can people who are really not qualified omit and replace words or saying with their own or what Steve Jacobson tells them to put in. This is a crock of shit, how many more wire taps have been done in this unjust matter where these corrupted people are concerned. Appears a whole lot of cases need to be reinvestigated. People are becoming speechless because all they can do is shake their heads and say CORRUPTED, CORRUPTED, CORRUPTED, CORRUPTED. WHAT IN THE HELL IS OUR WORLD COMING TOO.

watcha gotta say?

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