Oh what a tangled web we weave

by Marty Carlson

Brigit Fladager, Stanislaus County district attorney, is once again under fire by a former employee who claims that she has ignored or even rewarded criminal behavior in her office.

The former employee by the name of Douglas Maner who was once a Fladager supporter is filed a lawsuit against Stanislaus County’s former employer.

The former employee claims that the DA had overlooked a DUI recent conviction for DUI by Douglas Raynaud when she promoted him.

In addition, there were other attorneys convicted of hit and run while driving drunk and clerks who now prefer form their duties properly resulting in the dismissal of cases.

Also included in the complaint are sexual harassment claims in the former deputy chief who ridiculed colleagues in emails.

Fladager would not return phone calls and released a statement that she cannot comment on pending litigation. Her attorneys calling the suit frivolous stated that he is waiting for a federal judge who is looking at the case and requested that he throw it out.

The former employee left the office in 2013 and currently works as a defense attorney. His lawsuit claims violations of constitutional rights and protecting political speech and associations.

Maner a former senior prosecutor who enjoyed the choice assignments as in the high profile cases and appearing at parole hearings. He had supported judge Michael Cummins in the 2006 campaign and says he was not allowed to return to court rooms after Fladager had won the election, he says also during that time others had received preferential treatment for their support.

Maner says he received exceptional performance ratings until Fladager took control. He was and discipline many times, at many levels where he was finally forced to leave.

He contends that Fladager had reduced Raynauds suspension from the job following is 2011 DUI conviction from 45 days to 10. In addition Raynaud had not applied for the promotion the chief deputy while on informal probation ordered by the court, but the DA reopened the application process for a short period and chose Raynaud after he applied.

Fladager stated in a deposition that the public will never know about her prosecutors lawbreaking ways because it is confidential information.

Reports also state that prosecutors from the state Atty. Gen.’s office, not Fladagers, and handled DUI cases that occurred while he was there.

Maners attorney stated in court papers that some employees of the District Attorney’s Office were fearful of not supporting Fladager for fear of retaliation.

Fladager’s attorneys response to the papers state that the lawsuit is nothing but spend and speculation and should be thrown out. It also states that he was disciplined five times prior to her election, and another prosecutor who supported Cummins has never been disciplined.