80-year-old grandmother shoots intruder after husband attacked

By Marty Carlson

Leland and Barb Moles

Barb Moles received a 38 caliber pistol for Christmas from her husband. Little did they know that it would come in handy so soon.

Last week 25-year-old Stephen Shepard attacked her 75-year-old husband with a knife and a crowbar after breaking into their home looking to steal for drugs.

The pistol packing grandma was able to retrieve her Christmas present after seeing her husband laying on the floor in a pool of blood. The dead shithead was quoted as making a one word comment after she fired four rounds with three of them hitting its mark. That comment was “GUN.” He probably thought they would be easy targets as these cowards usually do.

The grandmother of eight and great grandmother of three stated that she was just intent on stopping him and also stated that she didn’t have any other thought, she just knew that she had to stop him to survive.

It reported that the shithead was an ex-con who has spent time in prison for robbery.

The husband Leland Moles still remains in the hospital where he is listed in stable condition it was reported.

The local sheriffs of office continues to investigate her actions and she was also quoted as saying that she would not hesitate to use it again if necessary. But was quick to add never in her whole life did she ever anticipate have to take another life especially at the age of 80.

She finished up by saying in case you haven’t noticed I’m not your typical granny and I got his back on this one.

Nice shooting grandma Happy Mother’s Day!!!