STANISLAUS JUSTICE: Playing with lives and their pain


By Warren Yates


I have been absent on the scene for quite a while because of the caseload of investigations I am carrying. I had been in court on April 27, 2016 when Patrick Hampton was on the witness stand.

On that day his actions on the stand were egregious and disrespectful toward the defense attorneys and ultimately toward the judge who refused to put a muzzle this mongrel mutt.

While sitting there listening to this poster child for birth control spewing his invectives without regard for decency, he was heard to say in response to defense attorneys questions or just to hear himself talk, Hampton was heard to say the following: are you blind?, What does that have to do with this case?, Get to the point, you call them and ask them, get your facts straight, clean your ears out, you tell me you know everything, are you a pedophile Percy?, Get to the point, you look like a pedophile on a skateboard.

Hampton is an admitted career criminal who would steal from anyone, commit a home invasion robbery, steal another pothead’s grow if he got the chance and finally rat or snitch anyone out he would have to in order to better his position either monetarily or get into a better position while in jail or prison. He is what is known in the criminal world as a rat or snitch and he will forever until he himself is shanked, wear a rat jacket or snitch jacket.

Hampton Before


Hampton After


While on the stand Hampton acts like a balloon you’ve blown up that’s all big and puffed up, full of hot air and ominous. But off the stand Hampton looks like a balloon when you let go of the neck and all the hot air rushes rapidly out and the balloon deflates into nothing. The case in point is that on the witness stand Hampton looks like a real bad dude acting tough with bailiff’s there to protect him. But off the witness stand and in the environment that he loves, whether jail or prison, he is a whiny little crybaby begging for the guards to protect him from all of the people that he ratted and snitched on.

So he plays the tough guy role with decent citizens but when paired up with his own type of trash he is a coward and cries for help. And there are those Kool-Aid drinking liberals who would say, oh he had a terrible upbringing, he came from a divorced family, he got spanked as a child, he had to walk to reform school uphill and in the snow both ways and once somebody even told him, no you can’t do that.

I don’t know who Hampton’s parents are/were but I am sure they could not be proud of him in his current state. In my experience as a police officer I have often seen when parents or even a single parent, were well respected, hard-working, honest and some even churchgoing, have a child that because of possible rebellious behavior went over to the dark side. The type of parents I’ve alluded to above would be ashamed and outraged at the conduct of their offspring. Hope lies eternal in the human heart and I’m sure that Hampton’s parents would be exuberant if Hampton turned his life around and acted like a decent human being.

That being said I will not beleaguer the fact that a young man in his prime was maliciously murdered. To what violent extent this young man met his fate we don’t know. There have been several stories that came out of the mouth of the scumbag who admittedly murdered him. If Robert Woody changed his underwear as often as he changes his stories, he would be changing his underwear hourly.

The District Attorney’s Office for the last four years has had a hidden until now agenda with the sole goal to take Frank Carson out of their hair. Frank Carson is an attorney that has beaten the District Attorney’s Office in every high profile case the Dist. Atty. has tried to prosecute. In the vernacular “Frank Carson is one nut that they can’t crack”. He has been the thorn in the side of the Dist. Atty. for so many years it’s embarrassing to the District Attorney’s Office. And note, that as of this writing, the total estimated cost of wasting taxpayer’s money now sits at approximately $4 million. Stanislaus County supervisor Jim Demartini has publicly said that this is a case of the District Attorney’s Office cannot win. Maybe it’s about time for the district attorney to listen and take the right action.

I was advised by Marty Carlson that Special Agent Kirk Bunch in a discussion outside of the courtroom stated that they were preparing for trial at this time. So Bunch believes that there has been enough evidence presented already albeit from witnesses with felony convictions, witnesses who are admitted career criminals, witnesses who sell drugs to tweakers and in fact are tweakers themselves, embezzlers that have embezzled $12,000 and had the felony charge reduced to a misdemeanor with no court restitution ordered. She was then allowed to plead nolo contendre which means the victim in a civil suit against the thief, cannot bring up the conviction. No deals from the district attorney here of course. (SARCASM INTENDED)

As if that’s not enough star witnesses that the prosecution has, they also have these who have admitted to stealing property from the Carson residents, these who admitted to selling the stolen property, a slug who has admitted to participating in a home invasion robbery, another slug who broke into his girlfriend’s home and held a knife against her throat while stealing property and terrorizing her who instead of receiving his third strike and doing life in prison where he belongs was given a three-year prison sentence. No deals in the district attorney here of course. (SARCASM INTENDED)

At this point, the only reason that the district attorney would continue to drag out this sham prosecution is to postpone the numerous civil lawsuits that will be hitting Stanislaus County as a result of egregious prosecutorial misconduct. And of course this will be additional millions of dollars of taxpayer’s monies wasted paying off an officer of the court’s (DA) folly trying to beat the superior opponent with whatever nefarious means necessary.

I’m using my preceding comments to set the stage for the next case of egregious prosecutorial misconduct perpetrated by the Stanislaus County District Attorney’s Office. The following is an encapsulated report outlining how the District Attorney’s Office instead of protecting the citizens of Stanislaus County are actually placing some of them in danger. After you read this, you will see why people have little faith in the office of the Dist. Atty. and unfortunately law enforcement in general.

I was retained by a victim of domestic violence to try to ascertain why the District Attorney’s Office is neglecting its duty in protecting my client from her abuser. I am keeping my clients name confidential for obvious reasons.

My client got married to someone that she thought she knew as a lot of women do. Shortly into the marriage, as often happens when two different personalities come together, there was a minor argument about some unimportant thing. Her husband had been drinking throughout the night which appeared to make him angrier. Her husband went upstairs and went to bed angry.

See Bridgit Fladagers Stance on domestic violece here

My client has a small daughter approximately 3 years old from a prior relationship. My client is a Christian and in trying to follow the Bible which states “Do not let the sun go down with anger”. My client prior to putting her daughter to bed went up to the bedroom in an effort to make peace. When my client leaned over to talk to him he grabbed her by the back of her head and said “I’m Fucking Done”. Husband then gave her a “palm punch” with the heel of his hand in her face which caused her to lose her balance and nearly pass out. She immediately began having blood pour out of her nose.

My client became frightened at this aggressive behavior and called her father for help. She noticed that she was bleeding from her nose and her face was hurting. My client became extremely frightened and called her father for help. As the father was coming in the husband was leaving and fled the area. It should be noted that the husband’s violent behavior was in the presence of the three-year-old daughter who was screaming hysterically and understandably.

The police were called and took a full report including photographs of the victims face. She was taken to the hospital and treated for her injuries. She was diagnosed with a Nasal Fracture and Acute Concussion. She went home with her father to remain living there.

Since the assaultive husband fled the scene prior to the arrival of the police, the police put out an information and belief lookout for the husband to be arrested. The husband arrived back at the apartment that afternoon and a neighbor saw him and called the police. He was taken into custody by the police.

In an effort to deflect his violent behavior, he claimed to the police that he had gone to bed and the victim came up to his bed and began to strike him in the face with a closed fist. He claimed she struck him about a dozen times in the face. You have to ask yourself, if that were true what idiot would allow someone to strike them a dozen times in the face with a closed fist. Come on people this isn’t rocket science.

The assaulter goes on to say that he was trying to defend himself by pushing her away and stated that during the struggle his right hand, now are you ready for this one, “slipped” between her hands and struck her in the nose. The assaulter told the police that that is when the altercation ended. Anybody with a reasonable knowledge would automatically conclude that if you had your nose smashed all over your face and broken with blood pouring out, it would take the wind out of your sails.

The assaulter was then advised that there was an emergency protective order and he was not to go near the victim until going to court. The police did a wonderful job in compiling the report with all of the pictures and evidence wanting to charge the assaulter.

Now this is where the Stanislaus County District Attorney’s Office shows how incompetent they are and demonstrate their “I don’t give a damn if you are a battered domestic violence victim” attitude. They have no care or concern for victims. That lack of care and concern is evidenced by my client receiving a phone call from an unknown deputy Dist. Atty. telling her that no charges would be filed against the assaulter because, now get this one people, because no other adult person was present to witness the assault.

See Bridgit Fladagers Stance on domestic violece here

So according to the deputy Dist. Atty.’s opinion, it doesn’t matter if a woman in a domestic violence situation gets the snot beat out of her and is hospitalized, if there is not another adult present to witness it, no charges will be filed. That is asinine on so many levels. According to the deputy Dist. Atty.’s opinion anyone who’s been convicted of domestic violence during which there was not a third adult person present as a witness, should have the conviction overturned. It should also be noted that this violent assaultive person was arrested in 2013 for inflicting traumatic injury on a spouse or cohabitant and for some unknown reason the case was dismissed. Maybe there wasn’t a third adult person there to witness it. (SARCASM INTENDED)

It is impossible to believe that a person that supposedly passed the bar exam would be that stupid, foolish, unintelligent, and idiotic to claim there had to be a third person as a witness in a domestic violence assault case.

After being given this information I was dumbstruck. Here one of the head law enforcement agency representative is clearly loony or the assaultive suspect is his brother. I would have to go with loony.

For this loony deputy Dist. Atty., I have to reference the Martin Martinez massacre which took place on July 18, 2015 on Nob Hill Court in Modesto. Five people were slain by Martin Martinez that terrible day. In that particular domestic violence situation, just in case this deputy Dist. Atty. is unfamiliar with that case, there was a third adult present to witness that violent situation. It was Martin Martinez’s 57-year-old mother whom he also murdered.” How did that need to be a third adult witness present criteria work for that family”? Didn’t seem to make a difference.

Being completely disgusted by the egregious non-action of the Stanislaus County District Attorney’s Office in my client’s matter, I went down to the office of the Dist. Atty. to try to talk to a deputy district attorney to find out why they failed to file charges on the assaultive behavior of the suspect.

Now if you have never been to the office of the Dist. Atty., if you wish to speak to one, you first have to pick up the telephone in the lobby which by the way, is guarded by not one but two security officers, (security officers are probably there to stop all of the angry citizens coming in with torches and pitchforks to go after a Frankenstein disguised is a deputy Dist. Atty. who won’t do anything) and talk to a receptionist upstairs. I identified myself and told her I was retained by the family of the victim in this case. I told the family would like to know why they failed to file charges.

After giving the reception is all the information about the case including the case number, I was told that she would have a deputy Dist. Atty. call me to advise me why charges have not been filed. Well you probably won’t believe this, but I never received a call. Imagine that!!!!!

So I am ready to take this to the next level. If I do not receive a telephone call from a deputy Dist. Atty. by 12 noon on Monday, I am going to begin contacting the Board of Supervisors individually demanding that some type of accountability be provided.

As I stated in most of my prior commentaries, I am a right wing conservative former law enforcement officer that fully supports our law enforcement community. The police in this case did everything correct that they had to do to seek justice for the victim and I applaud them. In my 27 years of law enforcement, 18 of it here in Stanislaus County, there have been some great district attorneys and deputy district attorneys I’ve had the pleasure to work with. ‘Nuff said.

If you bring up the Stanislaus County Dist. Atty.’s website, it shows Mme. Dist. Atty. standing in front of the Stanislaus Family Justice Center with a huge “Cheshire Cat” smile. The implication being that the District Attorney’s Office is here to protect persons and families that are in danger. In the case of my client, I feel that Mme. Dist. Atty. would be better suited standing with that smile in front of the Stanislaus County jail. Because in this case, unless someone regains their senses, and reverse this terrible injustice, it is a criminal that is being protected.

See Bridgit Fladagers Stance on domestic violece here

Thus the title for my commentary as justice failed in the Frank Carson matter and has certainly failed in my client’s matter. Someone needs to wake someone up. I will keep you updated and give you a full report in my client situation. As stated earlier it is imperative that her name remain confidential.


  1. Bingo-Bango-Bongo! Front Page Modesto Bee!

    Now people are telling me what I have trying to get them to read forever! Read your blog! “Did you see the Bee this morning Fred?” “Yes I did! I have been reading about it for the last 6 months every morning from bloggers, but you refuse to read the blogs!”

    I actually I haven’t even read the Bee except the article title. I get my info here. I will go now and read the Bee because they might actually be supporting Flagader. Getting her story out before yours. I am off to read the Bee.


  2. We have our person for the recall petition- Maner or the person he supported in 2006. I did not get the name. If it is in the Bee, on Sunday, on the front page, now the general population will have to take notice.

    Excellent work- Warren, Tom and Marty!

    You are no longer “Sister Fuckers” (please note Sarcasm)

    It was intended in my other comment as a joke about the Atwals using term “Sister Fucker” in affidavit related to Carson case, and Hamptons vulgarity at you in court. I can explain more about it if you want me to? The Atwals used the term only when talking with each-other, and seems to be the worst you can call someone in their culture. Or was translated wrong. Just saying what if Hampton had expanded is vulgar vocabulary by hearing it used…..

    Just want to explain at Tom seemed rather pissed at me, or was being sarcastic

    1. dawg417 – I am the guy people love because I am so honest, But then they get pissy when I do the same with them.
      dawg417 says:

      It’s okay I know what you mean you gotta remember Tom is old 😉

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