Is it lunchtime report of the Frank Carson a Dell case today Monday May 9th of 2016.

Work started at 10 o’clock going to begin with Steve Jacobson on the stand given his background in law enforcement and his training and wiretaps and such in an attempt to be certified as an expert and wiretaps

He discussed the workings of how the wiretap are made and used and the computer system where separate computers are used for each phone number under a tap.

He also advised that all wiretaps are subject to regular review by the judge that has approve the warrant for the wiretap, and it’s usually done on a 7 to 10 day basis for review.

Also being a supervisor in the wire tap room on this case and he advised that the Heat advises the monitors to analyze a wiretap did Andy determine if it’s permanent or not pertinent and then they can be minimized if not pertinent

He also talked about the supervisor’s job is to answer is two monitors questions do scheduling and help with technical aspects. Calls are inputted by software then directed to the proper word to computer which also includes made a data like location and other specific information. He also stated that the supervisor in the monitor room is hearing the same calls as a monitor. He also stated that pictures are inputted into the software of the subject being monitored which may include a driver’s license photo or a booking photo or something along those lines.

During the questioning of investigator Jacobson Madame da again had to be coach by the judge for the proper information needed to certify the witness has a deal with having trouble doing so

Investigator Jacobson devices he uses them what he calls the Limes sheets pictures of printed out copies of the calls to be reviewed. The judges are also reviewed to see if they’re appropriate.

Madame da then offered investigator Jacobson as an expert in the wiretap investigations and has as he has done four times before and local cases at once before in a federal case.

Defense attorney Robert forkner inquire into the federal court hearings that he was qualified in. Jesse Garcia begin asking about privilege questions and DA training in regards to wirtaptaps and privilege. Percy Martinez also asked about the reports that are sent to the judge about the privilege aspect of the wiretap to ensure no violations of such. Kim rain was asking about the after the fact calls or recorded and then translated has apparently all these calls can be preserved for translators later. It was also revealed that there is no time rule or limit and the recordings can be saved indefinitely. There’s also some data tour dates not turned over in Discovery to the defense due to the storage issues involved and all the information saved.

Martha magana begin asking if the monitor the agent to supervisor can all be one person in the wire tap room which he stated it could be in his many times and all the originals of the audio are always preserved even when the calls are minimized. If that was what I heard that means privileged conversations between attorneys and clients can be safe to be used later even when the call is minimized.

At that time we came up on the lunch hour that we broke for lunch to be resumed at 1:30