Watching paint dry was one of my previous titles. This title describes just how frustrating it has been lately with the snail’s pace of the prosecution’s case. Marlissa Fereirra wanted to put Officer Singh back on the stand unannounced. I am sure she wanted to tie up some loose ends, but Judge Zuniga got her to stick to her original plan of putting Steve Jacobson on the stand.

At 10:43 AM, Jake took the stand. I must say that Steve Jacobson was the most prepared, relaxed, and polished witness the prosecution has put on the stand in this preliminary trial.

The whole day was taken up establishing Steve Jacobson’s qualifications as a wiretap expert. Marlissa Fereirra asked him hundreds of mindless questions that put us all to sleep. In the end, all the defense attorneys gave him his blessing, and he was anointed the all-powerful one of wiretaps.

Defense attorney Martha Carlton Magana did a very good job of cross examination. It seems as though there are four distinct job categories associated with a wiretap operation. Martha got Jake to admit that on at least a couple of occasions he performed all four jobs at the same time. This guy has it all. They include the systems administrator, the affiant, the wiretap supervisor, and the wiretap technician. Kind of like one of those guys on the street corner playing three instruments and doing vocals at the same time. Sometimes it is amazing, sometimes it is a disaster. I am sure he did such a wonderful job of everything.

The wiretaps were done in Fresno, and in Stanislaus county, and there were 56,565 of them. There was a multitude of mindless details of each of these wiretaps talked about today. It seems to me that much of what was said in these calls was minimized for one reason or another. That means that we will only be able to hear what the prosecution deems as relevant. Some of the minimized portions probably contained content that did not fit their theory on this case.

Like I said earlier, this day was not one that I would say was a fun one to watch. I bugged out at 3:00 PM, to attend to some personal business. People were leaving early all around me. It is like the prosecution already thinks that they have this preliminary trial in the bag. If so, the proper size would be a snack bag to hold all of their evidence. I think I just set a new record for a short blog. When there is a better day, I will once again dazzle you with thousands of words.

Sincerely; William Thomas Jensen (Tom)