1. I like to read what you write, especially the Carson case, as I worked with his wife and then the young man from Ceres is a friend of my nephews. If I write with questions about what you think of different things, witll it appear in your column with my name? Here is an example- Did we vote for the Bullet Train that Brown is pushing for, before he leaves office? I really don’t want everyone knowing how ignorant I am about things that I should know. Thank you, keep up the good work that you are doing.

    • You can post anonymously if you desire there is no requirement to login unless of course you get insulted or combative and then I will deal with it my way. My understanding is the high-speed rail has been voted on by the California voters and it was something that Governor Brown and want to do anyway and it’s just going to be a major tax drain for the life of it as all public transportation is and I see no benefit from them

    • Thank you very much. It seems that is the first time we’ve been so attuned to the troubles in this area and with the elections. Thanks again. I will be in touch and try not to be a pain.

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