There continues to be a snitch in the room

by Marty Carlson

At the very start of this posting I want to say right off the top that no one will disparage Korey Kaufman or his family on my website.

He was a young man that died way too soon, regardless what was behind it he did not deserve what he got and he deserves justice.

I have also made many comments in the past about the intestinal fortitude of many members of the family especially his father.

The man sat there for a long time and listen to a lot of things about his son and was a real standup guy about it.

And I have compassion and empathy for him and his family this editorial is about another issue that affects him.

There has constantly been conversation in this case about people that have inserted themselves and wanting to make something to draw attention to them we have seen has repeatedly, or at least I have in my dealings with a lot of very good people, and some real shitheads.

There has been one person in particular that is somehow integrated himself into this case and is in the courtroom every day playing up to the prosecution attorney and to the truth I do not understand why.

He is commonly known as Mr. microphone and everybody knows that he likes to talk.

After telling me in the parking lot that he doesn’t read my blog but then began to tell me all about everything in it and some brief conversations where I was very candid and honest and straightforward with my questions with him and he denied being the person is passing notes to the bailiff to tell the judge messages, where the judge in return chastise the entire gallery for doing such actions as not appropriate and I run for fact do not know who does it nor did I see who did it.

After the conversation in the parking lot we returned to the courtroom shortly thereafter and I saw Mr. microphone leaning over and talking to the victim’s dad in this case. 

My attention was drawn away and when I looked back in a few seconds later I was getting a glaring look from the victim’s dad and Mr. microphone was still talking in his ear.

And I looked at the gentleman and all I could say is “if you believe him then you have a problem” because there’s nothing he says that is either credible or reliable he has lied to me several times.

It appears that Mr. microphone is making an effort to stir shit up in the courtroom. And after I saw this gentleman that he was talking to he looked pretty aggravated and was pretty aggravated at some of the comments and arguments made by the attorneys in this case.

This is a result, in my personal opinion is having Mr. microphone constantly in his ear telling him stuff that may or may not be true, but is in fact possibly being encouraged by some other people as a have befriended him and he is constantly passing out candy across the bar to the attorney on the right side of the room.

In addition, he was the one that the DA was looking at when she talked about she was informed by somebody in the audience and reported to her about the issues with the court reporters.

I find it interesting that this gentleman, Mr. microphone, has a little bit of a criminal history but not a lot over the last 20 years, he has some felonies reduced to misdemeanors, he said some felony convictions, and most importantly he has two pending cases currently in the Stanislaus County court system.

These are two cases with a total of five felony charges that are both pending right now, and continued extensively as one dates back to 2011, and the other dates back to 2014.

So it would appear by my observations over the last seven months that Mr. microphone may be working off a couple of cases.

One of those cases had some codefendants that has been long time adjudicated, one with a trial, and the other has been continued since 2014.

Every day when the court was in the recess Mr. microphone is up at the court barrier talking to the investigator, and prosecutor when we go on breaks, or end the day.

This happens every break and every day he meets some in the morning at the car when they pull up, and he meets them in the parking lot when they going to their car to leave. Again this is done every day.

So it strikes me curious why the DA investigator, and a prosecutor are willing to keep such intimate company with a known felon, and who has pending felony charges. Is it an opportunity for them to work other cases?

Recently the Stanislaus County DA Birgit Fladager, had talked about the importance of developing informants to resolve cases.

This is obvious what is happened in the Carson case, just to give one single example in this case is a Sabrina Romero felony embezzlement from her employer.

That case was continued 25 times with the employer appearing in court just about every time.

She was a witness in the Carson case and received a misdemeanor embezzlement charge, 90 days in jail, which she will probably not do a day, about $220 with the fines, and on the minute order itself there was no order of restitution.

In addition, the victim in the case was not notified of the plea to be made, nor was she afforded the opportunity to appear in court to make a victim’s statement as guaranteed by law under proposition eight, also known as Marcy’s law.

This is what they call developing informants I guess, and it appears that they’re using the same type of activity with Mr. microphone and trying to stir things up.

He goes to the DA with every little tidbit of information he and he hears it seems, and now he’s working on aggravating the victim’s dad while he’s in court.

I personally wanted to approach the DA in the investigator in the situation but sadly I felt that I would not be warmly received because they are exceedingly concerned about the blogger in the back of the room constantly.

I was also told by the investigator in this case that he does not read my blog, I do not believe that for one minute , as somebody is, as it is constantly being mentioned in court now and in fact they claimed that the blogging was endangering the life of Patrick Hampton who is an admitted career criminal, and thief, and who goes out what he calls harvesting, meaning stealing other people’s marijuana so he can sell it. But somehow the blogger in the back of the room is putting the subject’s life at risk.

Just my opinion, is the investigator and the prosecutor in the Carson case are actually concerned about the victim’s father or family?

If so they would be dealing with this issue of Mr. microphone constantly talking to some of the victim’s family, as he is doing it all day long every day.

In fact, I saw him one day during the lunch break talking to the judge in the parking lot for at least a few minutes.

Just a few observations and the feeling that it’s pretty sad when they’re giving this type a gentleman any type of consideration whatsoever and the ability to talk to the families of the victims and have that type of influence on them.