This is a lunchtime report the Frank Carson case on May 12th at 2016.

This was a continuation of the Motions being made by Percy Martinez says there were numerous and specific to certain things and it took the entire morning.

Baby Gap discussing weather all documentation had been turned over by statements made by Patrick Hampton when he implicated Micah dizney and some incident in Modesto.

Percy Martinez was inquiring if there is any statements made to Steve the juice Jacobson about home invasions and any other reports involving Micah dizney.

The da had responded that t

here is no other reports or documentation other than what has been discussed and revealed.

First night Martinez also asked about any emails or text messages between law enforcement and the DEA Witnesses or and or suspects or any other Communications that involve this case. Military advised that she does not provide emails as they are privileged under a multiple group of codes and she cited some code section from different code books and siding as privilege. Percy Martinez advised that he was only looking for emails that were pertaining directly to this case or any Witnesses or suspects contacted.

Percy Martinez also asking for any contacts that we’re done through Crime Stoppers NE notification through social media or anything else and the da again claims privilege especially as it relates to Crime Stoppers.

Percy Martinez also ask if they’re all perks received by Witnesses in this case had been turned over and revealed NADA advice in several cases like Michael Cooley annuities are there cases end up in the prison sentences did she mention several others but I noticed none of them seem to want to talk about Sabrina Romero and her felony embezzlement of $12,000 was reduced to a minor misdemeanor will serve no jail time and no order of restitution.

Percy Jackson for all expenses that were paid for this investigation and this case in particular trips to New York and Hawaii by investigators and there is even talk of a trip to Australia but the da stated if none has had happened to Australia. Again the da and vote privilege and is not relevant to his client’s guilt or innocence.

Percy Martinez was also asking for confidential informant information that has been provided, and I took it as he was trying to say information but not specific information on who the informant is just basic information of what they provided and how it was done. MTA advised that she has disclose all the witnesses due to the defense other than me code section she quoted was 10:40 and 10:41 any more than that.

But some requests for information about detectives concerning Michael Cooley and his reliability a pair of there was a letter of endorsement by the detective Shaw of Turlock and he is being confident that Michael Cooley what was reliable. The da responded by saying there has been no other information reports on Cooley Keys Hampton or Cooper they have everything.

Percy Martinez then made a motion to request in all field interrogation cards involving all the people there they were stopped and interviewed briefly around the pop and cork in the Carson residence. The Madame da stated that all has been done and recordings but feels the field interrogation cards is not a reasonable request as they would have to go through thousands and thousands of them to find exactly what they were looking for.

Percy Martinez also made a motion about a an interview of a Harvey randhawa and many of his friends and family have told Frank Carson in passing in the past that he was interviewed and they were looking for the reports and recordings.

Percy Martinez also then began asking for any surveillance recordings or information or audiences information of any public appearances that’s what Frank Carson was running for district attorney during its investigation, 4 any information that that they were following the bloggers.

There is also a request to have any information via voice stress analysis that we’re done on any of the witnesses and the da said that she did have something that she would comply with.

There was a long list of Minor motions here which most of have been complied with and I’m not going to go into details on some of these but I thought there was one of note:

Did ask for any videos from local businesses on Lander Avenue in the area of the Cooley house and the DEA responded to her no videos available, and then Percy Martinez also stated that they were requesting any photos videos or any other information they had about the irrigation pipes that were supposedly used as bait at the back of the property comma which city you responded that there were no photos or anything of the like. So my question is did those pipes exist since there seems to be no documentation and the theory of the DA’s office there’s no space or used as bait to lure thieves that backyard.

One last note I thought interesting just before we broke for lunch DDA did make a statement on the record that no tracking was done on Michael Cooley or any of the other players in this case other than Frank Carson and of course she Atwals

We then broke for lunch to be returned at 1:30 hopefully to finish these motions I believe they’re almost done most of them are mute anyway.