George Zimmerman trying to cash in by selling gun that killed Trayvon Martin

by Marty Carlson



There are idiots in the world, then there are total fucking dipshits in the world.

George Zimmerman, the most notorious neighborhood watch volunteer in recent history, has decided to auction off the gun used to kill Trayvon Martin.

The gun had been placed on an auction site called gun broker.com then apparently was removed and placed on a second auction site called United gun group.

But apparently the original $5000 starting point was more than people wanted to pay, and it appeared according to media reports efforts to sell the gun were starting to fade.

George Zimmerman, who was acquitted in the murder charge against him for killing of Trayvon Martin, and made a recent announcement declaring the sale of a gun used in the killing.

The scene to be another episode in a string of inappropriate behaviors by this jerk, as he continues to try to outrage the American public in the same way when he retweeted images of Mr. Martin’s corpse.

Zimmerman stated the firearm had recently been returned to him by the Justice Department and stated he wanted to use the proceeds to fight violence against law enforcement by members of black lies matter. He also stated that he wanted to ensure the demise of the career of Angela Corey, the prosecutor who put him on trial, and to find an anti-Hillary Clinton moment because of her work against gun rights.

The victim’s mother Sabrina Fulton, has been on the campaign trail with Mrs. Clinton, who is a leading Democratic nominee.

Zimmerman wrote on the listing that the gun was a piece of American history. The gun is a Kel- Tec PF-9.

Zimmerman stated he has been fielding offers for the weapon, after announcing the sale, including one from the Smithsonian if you can believe that shit. A representative from the national network of museums said that they have no interest whatsoever of getting Zimmerman’s gun.

The Smithsonian also had put its weed out Thursday, stating we have never expressed interest in collecting this firearm, and have no plans to ever collected display it in the museums.

This is not the first time this jerk has tried to profit off of this shooting death. Shortly after his arrest he started a fund raising site that brought in about $200,000 in less than a month. And it was reported that he and his wife at the time, spent $36,000 of that in less than three weeks. Not really a surprise is it?

Mr. opportunity ended his auction listing with an old Roman saying” si vis pacem, para bellum.” Which translates to if you want peace prepare for war.

Personally I am not anti-gun person I believe they have their proper place in society if handled by the proper type people. This shithead is obviously not a proper type person if he tries a cashier in on this type of incident. It is a lowbrow chicken shit thing to do.

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