Man claiming to be transgender is arrested

for filming women in a restroom

by Marty Carlson


A sicko from Palmdale California, who was wearing a bra and a dress had entered the women’s bathroom in a local department store where he set up hidden cameras in one of the stalls. And for about two hours he recorded women using the bathroom, where that point one woman noticed the camera with record light on who then notified security.

The man, Jason Pomare,33, when contacted was wearing women’s clothing which included a bra. The Los Angeles Sheriff’s Department statement said that he was also wearing a wig and had breasts

a search is a suspect discovered video equipment in his purse, which the camera contained hours the women using the bathroom inside the store.

Investigation revealed that Mr. Pomare would conceal the camera in bathroom stalls, but one observant woman and noticed the recording light on the camera. The statement said that it appears Mr. sicko was in the bathroom for around two hours.

Pomare was arrested and charged with six counts of unlawful use of a concealed camera for sexual gratification. It’s misdemeanor charges which your land them in jail for six months to a year at a nominal fine.

One person stated he would’ve been more successful he had just been one hour there and moved onto the next door instead of hanging around so long. They went on to say that shows how easily someone identified as a woman can film your mother your wife your girlfriend or your daughter at a time they are most vulnerable.

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