This is the Morning Report on the Frank Carson preliminary hearing on May 16th 2016.

First and foremost I like to say when you get involved in cases like this there’s a lot of people that don’t like what some people have to say and feel that they can intimidate them into something else.

As you most of you saw on Saturday Patrick Hampton was released from County Jail. Today at the courthouse around 11 o’clock he showed up so outside the front door apparently from what I’ve been told wanting to talk to the Blogger that threatened his sister. Now I have no idea who his sister is I can only guess at Christie shatswell Carrizales. After she came after me on my site because she didn’t like what I was saying about her dream boy And Then followed me to my Facebook page after about 60 messages in 2 days I finally had to block her on both sites. I would also like to make note the Christy who says I do nothing but lie and talk trash and said nothing good is on my site every day looking at all my post and not just a Carson case. I guess you really does like us a assertive type guys

The sheriff did an excellent job of dealing with him and getting him removed from the premises. I want to thank them for their concern but I personally feel that this is a move by Patrick Hampton to intimidate me indirectly because he cannot do it to my face. He knew full well that he was not going to get in the courthouse. He knew full well that he was not going to be able to confront me with a dozen deputies in this building at all times in a small area. He knew full well there would be no confrontation and if I thought it would do any good to talk to him face-to-face I would do so like a man but he does not have that capability of doing that. So he put himself up he made his stand and he moved on comma so now he can go back to his sister or whoever he’s talking about and try to look good in their eyes

There’s nothing else that I can add to that so I think we just need to move on to what happened in court because this is not worth any further discussion.

Court started this morning with a wiretap of July 12th 2012 where is daljit Bal talking to Robert Woody. Tell Jesus advising Robert Woody not to talk to investigators there’s apparently they are just been to delegate and he claims that they had not identified themselves as police officers only as private investigators. Their conversation was profanity-laced short conversation really nothing of substance value and then we quickly moved on to the next wiretap.

The next wiretap was on July 12th at 2012 again it was daljeet Atwal and eddy Quintara. FBI investigators are left daljeet had called me to talk about the visit and basic information about what he could do in his rights where Exchange and Eddie gave him a little advice which apparently has led to eddy’s charges.  Madame ga maintains maintains that Daisy is showing consciousness of guilt by saying that he has Law Enforcement on his side, in addition he also said he knows Carson so that apparently is a consciousness of guilt too as it was just generally brought up in the conversation.

There are multiple objections all this as to relevance a long argued some arguments were made and the judge finally ruled dad most of the Atwal conversation is not going to be admissible but will maintain Eddie quintero’s conversation admissible in his case.

Which I thought was a very kind of a strange ruling has any country is not part of this hearing.

The next yr top that was brought up was also from July 12th 2012 and was between algae at wall and Scott McFarlane. Again it was objected to as irrelevant and the conversation again centered around the thought that LG thought these were private investigators and not police officers. Again batom da claim that shows more consciousness of guilt and state of mind especially based on earlier interviews done with law enforcement.

Attorney Hans argued the da argued that they did were not aware they were law enforcement previously but now is saying they were lying because they know they are law enforcement. It was a very good point and I thought as a little confusion on some of the points made by Madame da.

Attorney Hans also argued that it is improper character evidence. Martha magana also joined in and that objection and also stated that there were no lies involved 2NE1. Percy Martinez also joined.

The judge overruled the objections and the tape was played and then they were ongoing objections after the tape was played the judge has a ruling stands

Another wiretap from July 13th of 2012 was being introduced and again there was objections over relevance, and the DEA advised that the audio is in Punjabi.

Due to a commitment by one of the attorneys in another Court court was let out early. So we then broke did hear the objections over this wiretap after lunch at 1:30.