JUSTICE DELAYED IS JUSTICE LOST By Warren Yates This commentary is about a person named Mark David Davis. Davis has been a regular fixture during the preliminary hearing for the Carson 8. I’m going to cut and paste in certain times that Davis’s name has been mentioned in our commentariesContinue Reading

By Marty Carlson May 17, 2016 After the lunch break the DA began arguments about that last wiretap and stated that she does not agree with Mark Martha Magana’s definition of consciousness of guilt, as the conversation does amount to it. Jesse Garcia interjects and stated the DA referred toContinue Reading

This the lunchtime report of the Frank Carson preliminary hearing on May 17th of 2016. Court started out as usual time this morning some general business was discussed including making the judge aware of our visitor yesterday. The judge was aware that it would it happen made no further comments.Continue Reading