This the lunchtime report of the Frank Carson preliminary hearing on May 17th of 2016.

Court started out as usual time this morning some general business was discussed including making the judge aware of our visitor yesterday. The judge was aware that it would it happen made no further comments. Apparently she’s no more concerned about it than this blogger is.

I started with a  wiretap dated July 15th of 2012 and that was in Punjabi between the outlaw Brothers. Martha magana stated it improper character evidence and not impeachment. Madame ga talked about the car that was driven by Bobby who had taken D car. In addition there was a phone call that interrupted in a call waiting where Eddie quintanar had talked about the guns that he had stored it up in court did da contends that c relationship with the Atwal law enforcement and Robert Woody.

Attorney Hans argued that the guns were left there after the search warrant by law enforcement so obviously they were not concerned about them or they were legal. Martha magana argued that there is no issues in this case that show any type of state of mind or consciousness of guilt. Madame da says that the one brother was at the Sheriff’s Office and the other brother is asking why. Hans says it’s unclear what exactly what the brothers in the conversation is referring to.

The judge ruled that the conversation with quintanar is not relevant as he is not part of this case the needles taken were not relevant as they were not illegal but did allow some conversation about the brothers in a very limited form.

Then I went on to another wire top that it was on July 15th of 2012 that was in Punjabi in its entirety. Attorney Hans subjected to relevance Madame  da argued that he was at the Sheriff’s Office and was telling his brother to not discuss anything on the phone.

The judge has ruled that the objection is sustained

The next wiretap that was played as on 715 of 2012 which was in Punjabi and again talking about the search done on the properties and the store and some current concerns by quintanar and he was talking about Robert Woody that type of person he was and the problems that he would cause for popping cork. They also we’re talking about Robert Woody takes any kind of drugs he can including steroids, and he goes by the name of nickname of 500 and he was advised they would lose their store to Woody’s Behavior if they weren’t careful.

There was also more conversation with Clinton are talking to I believe it was Robert Woody about the barbecue from the night before and getting some type of work done on a car I believe it was interior clean up.

Attorney Hans objected to irrelevant with Martha magana also joining in. Madame da stated it is all attributes in the conversation with Woody and quintanar and the connection relationship with law enforcement 2 Frank Carson and stated that they had gone to Frank Carson’s house with the car in addition they were talking about a lot of problems with Robert Woody and bad-mouthing him but the Atwal continue to use him at the store to do a job

The judge is taking the ruling under submission on this one after she hears other wiretap to related conversations there was confusion at that point on how the conversations are going to be played in what order and it was eventually worked out after a long discussion taking taking up valuable time.

Tiffany decided to play David at 7:15 at 2212 between Frank Carson and his mom.

In that recording Frank Carson was talking about the search and the problems getting some locks repaired because they cut locks and hasps. Also there were some screen doors security doors ripped open on the houses. He also talked about one of the The Neighbors Kathy Reynolds was talking to law enforcement and leading to some of these issues that they’re having. He also said he noticed him she had a son that is been regular at the house then as he described what is a drug looking individual with a lot of tattoos.

Jesse Garcia objected as irrelevant

And Madame da responded by saying again it was hours later when Frank Carson gets to the properties where the searches were done and the judge advised her that she always ruled that was not relevant in previous wiretap. Batom da also stated that it showed an obsession by Frank Carson over the neighbors the son who looks like he’s a drug addict and his and his Prejudice towards him. She repeated The Familiar consciousness of guilt line

It’s a Garcia argues that the state of mind and consciousness of guilt are being extremely overplayed in this case. Having to change the locks and upset over damage on his property done by law enforcement does not go to state of mind. It is a normal emotion that people feel when they like they have been violated.

Martha magana comments that says Consciousness with guilt in this case is in reality what they’re called due process guaranteed by the Constitution of this country.

Robert Fortner chimed in with setting that Frank Carson was at home not hiding like the people keep claiming after the search.

It was at that time that the judge decided that we would go to lunch and we will return back at 1:30 to hear more of these wiretaps and arguments