By Warren Yates

This commentary is about a person named Mark David Davis. Davis has been a regular fixture during the preliminary hearing for the Carson 8. I’m going to cut and paste in certain times that Davis’s name has been mentioned in our commentaries of Marty Carlson, Tom Jensen and myself. If you follow backstorynews.com or Dawgsblog and do a word search for Mark Davis, you will find many many other entries.

The reason I am writing this commentary is because of the recent egregious, asinine, bullying and filthy mouth Davis exhibited while in the lobby of Department 26 this past week. Whoever his handler/s are at the Stanislaus County District Attorney’s Office, they need to put this bully in check before somebody else does. It should be noted that the person he bullied was a senior citizen about half his size and about a foot shorter. I will get to that issue a little later.

I’ve been absent the court due to my caseload for defendants charged by the District Attorney’s Office. As I go through these cases, I find that in several instances, prior to charging certain defendants, if the amply paid investigators in ( Someone asked how “amply”. Inquiring minds want to know! Well in 2014, the salary Special Agent Bunch had for that year was $172,985.14 and the salary for Special Agent Jacobson was $173,751.60. Both Special Agent Bunch Special Agent Jacobson were paid over $35,000 in overtime 2014.) the District Attorney’s Office, instead of concentrating on and spending in excess of $4 million to date on the Carson 8 persecution, a case they cannot win according to Stanislaus County supervisor Jim De Martini, they would invest a little time seeking exculpatory evidence in many of the Dist. Atty.’s filings, it would help alleviate the huge caseload in Stanislaus County.

I am cutting and pasting the current charges on Davis. As we know, all one has to do is look at the Stanislaus County court index to find the same information as shown below:

Case# 1436501

Mark David Davis

Count 2  Felony   182/487(A) pc Attempt grand theft

Count 3  Felony   CIC 1814 Insurance code violation

Count 5  Felony   118 PC Perjury

Case # 1469797

Mark David Davis


Count 2 594(B)(1)pc Felony VANDALISM (OVER $400 OR MORE)

You can see that Davis has numerous felonies pending. Now in some prior commentaries by Marty Carlson, Tom Jensen and myself, we noted that one of the star prosecution witnesses was Sabrina Romero. She’s one of their star credible witness who embezzled $12,000 from her employer. And we had noted after checking the Stanislaus County court index that Romero had 23 or 24 continuances delaying her prosecution for several years. Although no deals were made for her, the charge was dropped to a misdemeanor and she was allowed to plead nolo contendre which means her conviction cannot be used against her in a civil action by the victim. But no deals here. (Note sarcasm).

While after checking the court index it appears that we have a brand-new “continuance champion” crowned in the person of Davis. Davis was arraigned on numerous felony charges on September 14, 2011. Now five years later, since that time he has had not 23 or 24 continuances, but I got dizzy and stopped counting at 110 continuances. But no deals here. (Note sarcasm). I understand that he was contacted by the Guinness Book of World Records but he had no comment. (Just kidding, I think).

It is known by all of those in the know, that Davis wears a wire at all times. A wire that deputy district attorney Melissa Ferreira proudly confirmed in open court that they provided him with. Ever since that time, Davis is referred to as “Mr. Microphone” and coming to a conversation near you.

I’m going to cut and paste a few excerpts from commentaries written by either Marty, Tom or myself for your continued enjoyment:

11 10 15

Martha Carlton Magana then mentioned that “Mr. Microphone”, Mark Davis had worn a wire against Carmen Sabatino. Melissa Ferreira then stated the defense is constantly telling half-truths. (Coming from the source, Ms. Ferreira, we thought that was rather hilarious).

11 20 15

Mr. Martinez asked if the DA wires a responsible person, how long do they have to know the person. Lingerfelt said 1 to 2 days. Well it appears that the DA’s office knows Davis really really well for over 4 1/2 years. The next question becomes, who determines what the definition of responsible is?

12 17 15

But lo and behold parked in the street in front of the court was Mdm. deputy Dist. Atty. and Special Agent Kirk Bunch loading their vehicle with their case. Huddled together with them was Mr. Microphone, Mark Davis. Our first thought was that they were in a high-level conference sorting out the hard day in court. But then, our sixth sense kicked into action and we realized that Mr. Microphone may have just been obtaining new batteries for the wire the deputy Dist. Atty. Ferreira admittedly provided for him. So watch out people “there are ears around”.

1 25 16

DA Ferreira stated that she had received information from someone in court today that attorney Robert Winston had in fact been invited to observe by Carmen Sabatino. The judge had no idea who Carmen Sabatino was and DA Ferreira volunteered the information that he is a former Mayor of Modesto, that has been here every day and that Frank Carson represented him in a case the DA brought against Mr. Sabatino. The only thing Ms. Ferreira didn’t volunteer, was that the Dist. Atty. lost the case against Mr. Sabatino.

In looking around the courtroom to try to figure out who the snitch was that informed the Dist. Atty., it was a consensus of the gallery after a straw poll, that the snitch could be none other than Mark Davis a.k.a. Mr. Microphone. It could be that he’s putting that wire the district attorney gave him to good use.

Davis on three different occasions wore a wire while trying to get former Mayor Carmen Sabatino to say something incriminating. Since Davis did not disclose to Mayor Sabatino that he was recording their conversation, Davis committed a crime. Unless, Davis became a Special Agent for the District Attorney’s Office in exchange for consideration and a soft prosecution on all of his felony complaints. Since Davis was not charged with the crime of illegally recording somebody without disclosing it to them, come on folks, this isn’t rocket science, he is a snitch and an informant.

2 5 16

I had to leave a little early before lunch to take care something on another case and when I got back from lunch break, they were playing a tape of Miranda Dykes episode with the wire. We in the back of the gallery found the tape to be hard to decipher because of static noise. I thought at the time, detective Lingerfelt should have borrowed the wire that they gave to “Mister Microphone” Mark Davis. I’m sure the one Davis has is state-of-the-art.

Now for the incident I alluded to in the second paragraph above. There were many people standing in the hallway during a break in the proceedings in Department 26. One of those was Davis standing right by the exit door. Kurt Bunch was standing there also. As Carmen Sabatino walked by Davis, Sabatino merely asked “When’s your trial Mark?” Davis in a rude and threatening response said “Fuck you”.

Bunch who may be one of the district attorney’s investigator handlers of Davis, immediately stepped in between facing Mr. Sabatino with his back toward Davis and escorted Mr. Sabatino out the door. The one that should’ve been escorted out the door should have been the foul mouthed County snitch Mr. Microphone. Bunch could have escorted the real troublemaker out without worry because the district attorney investigators still have Davis by his peaches or in Davis’s case, maybe marbles. Mr. Sabatino stated that Bunch better never ever touch him again.

It is obvious that the District Attorney’s Office is expecting to extract something very special from Davis since his felony charges have been put off for many years with way over 110 continuances thus allowing Davis to evade justice. However, the citizens of Stanislaus County and the people of the State of California are being denied justice in Davis’s cases. The delay by the Stanislaus County District Attorney’s Office in prosecuting Davis is like three-day-old fish.”IT STINKS”!!! Thus the title of this commentary, “Justice Delayed Is Justice Lost”.

The citizens of Stanislaus County should demand that the District Attorney’s Office proceed immediately with the prosecution of this privileged defendant charged with numerous felonies including grand theft, conspiracy and perjury. There are two other defendants in the case with Davis. One of the defendants, a female, was intimidated into taking a deal after being over charged with multiple felonies in order to scare her into taking a plea.

The other person charged along with Davis was AJ Pontillo. He was charged with six felonies. Mr. Pontillo went to trial and was represented by Frank Carson. After a lengthy trial, the jury came back and acquitted Mr. Pontillo of all charges. This was one of the many high profile cases that the district attorney prosecuted against the citizens and was then soundly defeated by Frank Carson in court. And Davis is running around free as a bird with no apparent worries of being prosecuted. I’m sure everyone on the Stanislaus County court index of the case would love to have the grease that Davis has with the District Attorney’s Office.

Hopefully Davis’s handlers at the District Attorney’s Office will muzzle the mutt so that his obscene outbursts will cease and desist.


  1. It’s very scary to think that on a whim the DA can attack you with charges. Spending months in court and the case is adjudicated in your favor.
    In the mean time your life’s savings is gone just to protect yourself from the frivolous charges.
    The will be a special place for those who inflict this on others.

  2. I love this blog and its accurate depiction of
    Ruthless prosecutions.

    However, you are eroneous in the number of
    Continuances in the Davis Bail Bond Case.
    (it is a easily foregivable error in as much that
    Stan county online court records are difficult to decipher..ie they show all contiuances for
    All co~defendants)

    You where correct that co defendant Llorens
    Was bullied by the Powers to B. In fact, i wish
    Someone like you would tell the WORLD that
    She actually pled guilty to an act that Never even occured. Thats right, Juice an brady bunch intimidated her so much that she admitted to a listed overt act that never happened.

    Anyways keep up the great work

    1. In the interest of being accurate you are 100% correct about the continuances. But they’re still numerous continuance is continuing to be regards to mr. Microphone. All the other defendants have a judicated their cases I don’t know what they’re waiting for him with his.

  3. The DA is just using him as a snitch to hopefully find out some information that may help them in this case. But they won’t because their is none and Mark Davis as I mentioned before needs to take the jacket off and move on. People in jail and on the streets don’t care much for snitches. It’s just a matter off time.

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