Hate the Debate

by Marty Carlson


The afternoon session started with the continuing verification of officer things transcripts.

Percy Martinez inquired if he was the only one that was actually typing on the keys are were there other people sharing the responsibilities of doing the actual typing.

The authors response was as it was to most of the question was if he did not recall as some other things were done in a group session and some of them were done independently. And when he was asked about individual and translations is constant answer was he did not recall. It immediately made me think how can he verify these transcripts if he can’t remember or cannot recall.

Attorney Hans inquired if the transcript for checked by accuracy by anybody else is in a double check system and he said he was proofreading to ensure accuracy.

Finally, this poor officer was let off the stand after you been working all night on a graveyard shift and was held over until after lunch here in this court, and then it was understood that he had to go to the other courthouse downtown as he had another preliminary hearing to testify in.

Finally, we returned to the preliminary hearing part in the wiretaps this one on May 26, 2014:

Immediately Martha Magana objected to its relevance.

Mme. DA stated it was a follow-up call with Baljit and another subject by the name of Rippey(sp?) And the contents of the conversation which was in Punjabi where there was a reference made to the guy that went missing sometime prior and it was mentioned that somebody had threatened to run them over with a car.

Baljit was talking about a putting some type of issue on a website concerning some online threats and an anti-DA’s office website. There was also discussion involve Carmen Sabatino with Baljit where they were talking about starting a political committee against the DA’s office. Mme. DA stated that this constitutes an obstruction of justice.

Martha Magana argued that there was no relevance to talking about putting information online on a website, in addition the Rippey conversation was hearsay. In addition, she stated that the conversation that there was going on in Punjabi was about the political climate in India in any inflammation about the DA is not relevant.

Robert Forkner argued that the conversation is misleading and talking about India politics and it does not relate to Carson.

Percy Martinez argued it is not logical to assume to relate to the District Attorney’s Office campaign as it was seven months later and they were referring to the Carmen Sabatino prosecution and his recall campaign against Birgit Fladagar.

Percy also noted that the translator did in fact enter their own comments and personal opinions in the transcripts and did not transcribe them verbatim which leads to misleading comments about the target subject.

Mme. Dist. Atty. responded by saying they were talking about the Turlock media that comes up on Google and it mostly turns up information about the Korey Kaufman case. And the other information be revealed that the one talking about the Korey Kaufman disappearance was at the and other thugs talking to a number of readers online. This information had been placed on the The DA stated that they were talking about the election that can be won by getting online people to make a difference she says a relevance goes to Baljit state of mind and it also goes to the obstruction charge.

Percy Martinez argued that conversation between Carmen Sabatino and Daljit was clearly about it putting an article in the media and they wanted be able to gain more exposure. But it has no relevance to Frank Carson’s run for the DA’s office.

Martha Magana stated that this is about a conversation that is a First Amendment right to free speech and nowhere near rise to the level of obstruction of justice.

Mme. DA says is not a constitution issue and the pre-lambs is just a finding of fact and for the judge to decide.

Must be noted this time Marlisa Ferreira was showing a large amount of frustration as she regularly does when she is challenge especially by Martha Magana, and she again started in on a long narrative about some non-relative issues in fact started a legal lecture to the judge who very quickly shut it down saying that she is familiar with the law. Thus increasing the agitation level Mme. DA much more.

Melissa Ferreira decided then she was going to declare prop 115 with this police officer on the stand Steve Jacobson and inquire as to the term BABA means in Punjabi. Which she replied. Means an older wiser nicer man.

This liner questing began another round of objections by all attorneys involved as the district attorney was now having this expert and wiretaps Steve Jacobson, now prop 115 for the other declared expert in this case the Punjabi translator who was still under recall from the court if she is needed. And in fact is only about a block away were she to be called in.

After a long bout of legal wrangling she continued on were there questioning and it was revealed that Frank Carson and Carmen Sabatino where both referred to with the turn Baba on numerous occasions.

After some or legal wrangling the judge decided it was late enough in the day others around 4:20 and she gave her usual “I’ve had it”

court was put in recess to be continued Monday morning at 10 o’clock.

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  1. This DA is trying to make a mountain out of a mole hill. Trying to put conversations where they don’t even belong. She must think everyone is as stupid as she is. Everyday she just makes a joke of herself how she is handling this case. I don’t know where she got her law degree, probably the dollar store. Thinks if she rattles on she will win but she is getting no where.

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