Tomorrow’s podcast will be in the new format is actually going to be on blog talk radio, and we are scheduled to start at 10 AM.

your generous donations have afforded me to be able to pay for this service which enables me to take live calls from listeners.

There’s two ways that you can listen and participate in the show.

The first is you can call in at 646-787-8151

This will allow you to listen to the show on your phone and if you have a question you push number 1 on your keypad

and it will let me know that you would like to make a comment and/or question, and you can stay anonymous if you like.

The second way to listen is at this link on your computer

This will give you the ability to listen to the show on your computer but you will have to use your phone to call in to ask a question.

Will try to have some guests/cohosts join Tom and Warren and myself and we can do some updates on the Carson case any questions you may have and which I maybe get into some other issues too, there may be some growing pains but can be fun working through this new experience.

If you miss the show don’t worry it will be archived on blog talk radio in addition I will upload it to DAWGS BLOG for people to listen to later.

Get your questions ready, lets help each other get informed, and let’s have some fun.