A comment on the transgender issue

by Marty Carlson


We’ve been hearing a lot these days from our president and many people that support his beliefs and especially in the transgender issue.

I’ve been sitting back watching a lot of comments by a lot of people who are calling others insensitive, homophobic, many other things. And I recently made a comment online which made me start thinking, if I had a young child, or any child, grandchild, relative friend or otherwise using a bathroom that is designed for little girls were little boys to go use, I would stand by that door and protect a child from harm as much as I could.

Now I hear the outrage of my comments starting to steam up already, but hear me out and think it through a bit. I don’t care what your sexual identity is, I don’t care what you were born as, I don’t care what your sexual preferences are. Because you may be part of the LGBT community, that does not concern me, as you can live your life this way you see fit.

I don’t care if Caytlin Jenner one day go out and re-popularizer self by acting like she’s doing the world a favor by publicizing what she has done. Many people have made Caytlin Jenner a hero, heck they even gave her an award for being brave. I do not care if there are many other people that feel that they are a woman instead of a man, those issues do not concern me. Gay marriage does not concern me go out and make your life is happy if you want get married and do that I’m all for it.

My concern is, are we protecting our kids? I do not feel that many of the transsexuals, and gender reassignments, or most of the gay community is a danger to our kids. The problem comes in is when we have a site like Megan’s law in California, it is a sex offender database where people can look up to see if they have a sex offender living next door. Many of the people that are on the sex offender website are predators of our kids, but are very creative in baiting those kids in the bad situations. Many times when you have investigations into sexual assault of a child, people would say “oh he was so good with the kids all the time” well yes he was there was a reason for that because he had a purpose or a goal with that child.

So if I’m standing by a bathroom door at Target to protect a child that is using the bathroom, it’s not because of the gender reassignment people is because of the predators that will use that as a tool to gain access. So my question is again are we doing what it takes to protect our kids. Some people don’t seem to be concerned about that, some people seem to be concerned about a certain group of people’s rights and not others.

Now you always hear me say I do not like to hear complaints without solutions. Okay fair enough, here is my solution:

I do not like to refer to San Francisco as a base model but I think they did do one thing right, when I was there recently to see Cirque de Soleil, they had gender-neutral bathrooms that one person go in at a time and they had a large number of them. So there was no question about the sex of who’s using the bathroom. And it is my understanding that they have done a citywide ordinance where they have to provide bathrooms that are gender neutral. And after all isn’t that what we have in our homes?

Personally I think we need to stop looking at the rights and protections of some, and look at the rights and protections of all. We seem to have lost that concept in this country. We seem to of lost our ability to see through some of the transparency of some of this and not see the obvious of other parts of it. In if I need to go to jail to protect a child from a predator I will do so willingly, as long as a child goes home safe every day.

So instead of ordering everyone to allow anybody to use any bathroom they choose at any time, we need to redesign our bathrooms so they are gender-neutral, solo in nature and get past all this petty bullshit. Our children deserve this and we are obligated to provide this for them. I feel it’s a simple concept, a simple solution, and if these things are mandated by the government as is being done right now let the government pay for it.



  1. I don’t like the fact that public restrooms have stall walks that are 2 feet off the floor. I really do not want to see the feet of the guy in the stall next to me. It really creeps me out. Who came up with this idea anyway?

    1. dawg417 – I am the guy people love because I am so honest, But then they get pissy when I do the same with them.
      dawg417 says:

      I agree, It must have been someone with a foot fetish or????

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