This is the morning report for the Frank Carson pulmonary hearing on May 23rd 2016.

Court started this morning where the judge was clarifying the evidence numbers of some of the wiretap and they’re just taking care of the usual morning business.

It was also noted that the Robert Woody had an appearance in Department 8 this morning at the regular Courthouse and he was still looking pretty rugged like a mountain man has he did before. It was also said it appeared that there was another visit with the Beverly Woody and her son at the DA’s office but there’s no confirmation of that for sure.

The judge also discussed an email that she has received from the district attorney that she did not read because it was not copied to all attorneys, but it was from Los Angeles sheriff’s department or LAPD one of the two concerning John Evers. The judge didn’t inquire to da2 what two continents were and the da stated she was not aware even though that the email came from her. She stated that all future emails Shelby copy to all attorneys or she will not read it.

Find a preliminary hearing started and what is Robert forkner asking Steve the juice Jacobson about the term ba ba that is used by the Atwal in his in the trench transcripts and he advised that he talked to the translator send out and she stated that it is a term of affection for respectable members of the community and usually older people.

And you also stated that it is a term that is used in the transcripts in regards to Frank Carson.

Percy Martinez ask when the first time that the term ba ba was used and Steve Jacobson was not aware. But it also stated that he could also be used in regards to a large number of people not just one individual. It was also asked if it was used towards Frank Carson prior to the fact that he was running for district attorney’s office.

It was also revealed there are several other people translating for the transcripts one was a deputy Sharma of the Sheriff’s Department and another lady by the name of Nina Rao. He stated there were some cell phone intercepts and 2012 for about a month and in 2013 there was 90 days of cell phone intercepts and at that time the term ba ba not used. It was not until 2014 the first time that ba ba was used in one of them cell phone intercepts that was done in less than 30 days during that year.

Attorney Hans was asking about another person in 2015 where the term ba ba was used and Steve Jacobson admitted that that was true.

Martha magana asked if the term ba ba is used for politicians in the Punjabi Province or the city’s it back in the in India and the answer was yes it was.

Madame da kept arguing that the term ba ba was strictly years for Frank Carson and then Madame da begin asking questions of the witness and was able to unable to ask a proper question without getting addicted to or the judge not being able to understand and even speaking up and saying so.

Martha magana argued that there are six others that are referred to as ba ba in the transcripts not just Frank Carson.

Percy Martinez made an argument that the phone call between prevention and Frank Carson is not relevant and should be stricken the judge is taking it under submission to be ruled on after hearing some more of the phone calls to put it in context.

The next phone call that was played was from May 11th of 2014 so it’s a Punjabi phone call unknown exactly who is talking in the phone call but I believe it was Baljeet and Rigby. The call was about 10 minutes long and it was heard in the headphones by the Atwal brothers and was not of course heard in the courtroom but it was argue to afterwards.

Martha magana made it immediate objection as to relevance.

The da argued that it is a conversation between the two for its law enforcement was taking pictures of them outside the pop and cork store. They also talked about they received advice from the attorney that said don’t talk to them and they left their card but they did not refer to which attorney it was. The da stated that Frank Carson also known as ba ba is the one making the statements of not telling them not to talk. Didier also States have they stated in the conversation that is ba ba wins all of their troubles will go away. During the argument I looked at the judge and is watching her closely she was kind of grimacing and shaking her head and I could tell that she was not buying into that argument. The day I went on to argue about ba ba winning and the investigation will go away.

Percy Martinez argued that Baljeet had several Attorneys at the time and Frank Carson’s advice to all his clients always was to not talk to law enforcement this was nothing new in regards to this case. He also argued that is not clear what Baljeet is referring to and they are talking about the election and some of the things that happened because of it because they feel that they’ve had their rights violated in the past and they would like to see a change. He argues that it is a simple first amendment issue that everyone has a right to do in this country.

Hans made the argument they’re simply talking about a different attorney and there’s nothing more to that.

Martha magana argue it’s not relevant as they talk about all their attorneys and respected people as ba ba.

Jesse Garcia argues Atwal we’re involved in Pryor photos and violation of Rights and have Security Council for litigation for some time and they were always referred to the other attorney says ba ba

The da argued that one of the attorneys that they referred to and I do not remember the name I believe it was Kimau was not actually a lawyer anymore but now these comments show a State of Mind endotherm ba ba shows a connection to Frank Carson.

During this argument it must be noted to the DA was reading from a transcript on arguing why she felt they were referring to Carson and in doing so the judge stopped her and ask her where she’s reading from because she’s not Shane what she is reading. And the the da gave her the location the judge says that’s not what it says apparently and then which raised some objections because that’s not what the transcript was saying that he was representing reading it but changing or adding words to the transcript trying to enforce her argument. Again the judge showed extreme irritation at that type of representation being done in her Court.

It also brought him some more arguments and objections the judge broke for lunch and to be continued at 1:30 I’m sure in this argument. Just as a note also it appears that the district attorney has added some more wiretaps to be put in as evidence so she reduced the list down of wiretaps to 20 but it appears that she has every day anymore so it’s working its way back up in the number again.