When we returned back from lunch at 1:30 I noticed Robert Forkner was not at the defense table and Percy Martinez was advising the court to Mr. Forkner had been sick all morning and was not able to return after lunch. Of course we were not able to continue without him and court was recessed for the day after some other scheduling issues and things were discussed. Also stay tuned for information one regards tomorrow if court is in session or not I will post it as soon as I note to let anybody else know that may want to appear at the court.

Martha Magana reminded the court that she had requested this to have a later start on next Tuesday as she has a calendar in one of the courts that she is scheduled thinking that this preliminary hearing would be over by now. She had mentioned this last Thursday and the DA strongly objected and the judge asked the DA again and I quote “are you still objecting or were you just in a bad mood last Thursday ?” Mme. DA advised that she was just in a bad mood and stated the leaders start even at 130 would be okay with her.

The DA also advise the court she had received an email from the Los Angeles city attorney’s office regarding the request that they made to John Evers personnel files. She stated and read it aloud in court that John Evers had had received three complaints with LAPD and none of them were for domestic violence nor was there any disciplines handed out.

To the court advised that next Monday is a holiday and it looks like were having a late start on Tuesday next week and there is a conference that the judge needs to go to ankle she wants to call a early day on the following Thursday. So looks like it’s going to be a short week next week.

Stay tuned for any updates about tomorrow I just talked to Tom Jensen we may consider doing a podcast tomorrow if anybody’s interested will see how everybody feels.