This is a lunchtime report of the Frank Carson preliminary hearing on May 25th 2016.

At the beginning of court today the district attorney advised the court that she was not able to complete the discovery ordered from yesterday due to the clerk in charge of Discovery is out sick. In addition there’s no discovery for the interview of the rank security company or information. Madame da also advises you filed a response to Percy Martinez is motion concerning the wiretaps on Frank Carson’s phone lines. So my understanding here is if the District Attorney’s Office does not have a healthy clerk they are not required to provide discovery to charge defendants in their case.

Robert forkner it is a court that no information has been received in regards to the cell phone expert by the name of Cook comma as far as his fees and costs that have been paid for. Nor has there been any information discovered as far as any Woody cell phone information that was done by the expert.

Robert forkner was also asking for the game photo taken from Department of Forestry that was obtained by Officer Derek Perry at the time he was with Ceres Police Department but apparently he left the department and they lost the picture on that computer that showed Jason Armstrong at the scene of where the remains were found.

Madam DA objected to any Discovery with email contacts of mr. Cook as they are work product but the other information will be provided. She also stated that Robert would ease cell phone records were not analyzed because his phone was not on during that time.

She went on to say that Derek Perry had put the Department of Forestry picture on a thumb drive that is password protected and they cannot open the drive to be able to see what’s on it. She also stated that she would provided to the defense so they can make your attempts to get it open. To be honest with you I probably know some 10 year olds that could do it.

Jesse Garcia stated that the last presentation by the da was not what she had said in the past which seems to be coming the normal these days.

Martha magana I stated that this calls for a 402 hearing as Curt Bunch had told Armstrong he saw his pics so they must exist and have not been lost.

Tim rein just recently filed a recommendation and provided all parties a copy to make sure the experts bring all records I provide all the resources used in his investigation.

Madame da said it is all electronically stored and will be available to all parties.

Jesse Garcia address to court saying there is nothing in the record that Walter Wells new Frank Carson and the calls from the Atwal to Frank Carson does not show any type of personal relationship as they were simply clients. He also stated that there is no information available about Walter Wells At the Hop and cork joking and laughing about the remains of Korey Kauffman.

At at that time we started taking testimony from Steve Jacobson where he said he had 3 interviews with Robert Woody. Robert Woody said Walter Wells was at the pop and cork on March 30th the 2012 he also stated he was not aware that Cory kauffmann was that pop and cork either.

Tim rein stated that he was going to reserve his cross-examination and this area of this Witness based on the Assurance of the district attorney that they will be testimony or 115 testimony of Robert Woody in the near future. Marlisa Ferreira agreed to those terms.

At that time Jesse Garcia requested that to wiretap be played in consecutively with the first one being dated 3 14 of 2015 and the second one being from the date of 3/20/2015.

The first conversation was Walter Wells talking to a Michael arrigal with Walter Wells saying that he knew he was under investigation, obviously, and what bothers him the most that he knew his Patrol chain he works with was short Manpower. Apparently there was also some conversation about information released about some of his personal issues and being under the administrative time off at that time. They also had to shoot some discussions about the interview that Kirk’s punched it in Las Vegas which on Pueblo and the silly questions about asking him if he put a body in a car and transporting that body around. Curt Bunch also told John Pueblo to tell Walter Wells to get ahold of him and discuss the situation but he still had a chance to not get in trouble over it.

The second phone call was Walter Wells talking to Scott McFarland where Scott had called him just to check on him to see how things were going. They talked about some of the problems with the investigation and they seem to think that Quinton on his wife had left at their house because of the harassment by investigators that stayed with her mom’s for a while. They also talked briefly about the Pueblo interview done in Las Vegas and the conversation about the movement of the body. They also discuss some of the personal the investigators with the friends and family of the at walls and most people involved in this investigation.

They also discussed that the sum of the cell phone locations we’re being spread by investigators it was the same as he Atwal and Robert Woody. Scott McFarlane also noted that the day after Cory disappeared that he saw when he was irritated his field it’s Corey cop and was riding his bike down the street.

They also discuss some of the issues with the Atwal not feeling that there is too much corruption in Stanislaus County and we’re following their lawsuits in other jurisdictions like San Francisco and Sacramento. Other than that there was just some basic conversation and really know information of value to help the prosecution.

Jesse Garcia inquired to Steve Jacobson if there were any other calls recorded or reviewed during this time. He said no.

Primera Martinez Inquirer when Steve Jacobson first started on the case and he was told in May of 2014. And then again he was on the task force in March of 2015. He said during those times and he was using a Stanislaus County deputy and a private contractor for translations. Percy Martinez asking if any of the translations were used for the affidavit for the search warrant of Frank Carsons properties. He stated that he did not do the affidavit so he is not aware.

He was asked if the cash for it was involved in just the investigation of Frank Carson he says yes and no as there was a one portion of the task force that was involved in The Disappearance and murder of Corey Kaufman. And that Curt bunch was the investigator investigating Frank Carson.  So this was not a missing persons case it was a murder investigation almost from the very start.

The district attorney at this time was making some strenuous objections about they were investigating the murder of Corey Kaufman but the bottom line is what was said was said and the judge what is starting to roll and the district attorney kept interrupting her and not letting her finish her rulings causing the judge to once again chastise her and I must admit it appropriately so.

The last thing of note was that Steve Jacobson had wrote to wiretap Applications personally to be submitted to a judge.

At that time we broke for lunch to be returned at 1:30