Arkansas judge resigns after naked pictures of defendant found on computer

by Marty Carlson


A judge in Arkansas who is accused of having inappropriate sexual relationships with defendants for almost 30 years resigned in disgrace. But that was only done after the explicit photos had been recovered from his computer

local media reported that Cross County district judge Joe Boeckman had resigned effective immediately, and it also claimed in his resignation that he would never seek employment as a local, county or state employee or public servant in the state of Arkansas.

Apparently an investigation by a local TV station revealed documents from the state’s judicial discipline and disability commission that they had notified Boeckman of three defendants in cases before him, that had been identified as some of the young men photographed nude around his home. It is also alleged that Boeckman had paid some of the men while there appearing before his court.

In addition, the photos revealed that there was some evidence that the men had been paddled. And apparently the commission was in the process of filing a subpoena asking the judge to turn over the paddle.

David’s Sachar, the commission’s executive director told the Associated Press that “he is a criminal predator who used his judicial power to feed his corrupt desires, and he was an insult to the Arkansas judiciary.”

The judge has not been charged with a crime, like the rest of us would’ve been, but the information has been turned over to the Arkansas State police. In addition, the Arkansas judiciary’s committee on professional conduct will also investigate, as he was a private attorney and a deputy prosecutor. In addition, there are allegations from another witness that Boeckman had attempted to bribe him to not speak with investigators.

Investigators also found hundreds of checks from the judge’s personal and professional accounts pain attorney’s fees and court finds for defendant. The commission is considering whether the return of records over the Internal Revenue Service and the at Arkansas Department of finance and administration.

They also alleged that Boeckman showed preferential treatment to white man as there were some sentences that were not recorded on court documents, with one including performing the task of picking up trash at his home. He is also accused of coercing some of the men in the sexual acts ranging from spanking to masturbating on camera in return for paying their fees and fines.

One case of note that Boeckman handled involved a child custody allegation.

The commission was told that Bachmann drove this individual to the cross County Courthouse and had him strip. He was then handcuffed and the judge took pictures of him naked in various positions.

The investigation was launched more than a year ago after an investigator for the Arkansas Department of human services lodged a complaint that the judge had not recused himself from a case where a woman who is related to a man with home Boeckman had a long-term intimate relationship.

Boeckman had been admonished by the commission previously for not recusing himself from hearing cases involving people he had a personal relationship with.

The Arkansas Supreme Court appointed a special judge in Cross County cases during the investigation.

I always wondered what they wore underneath those robes…….


  1. There are so many possible jokes here using the DA’s office instead of the judge. I am leaving it up to other people. I could sit here and type all morning, but would be late for work.

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