Just as a reminder tomorrow at 10 am using our new format at for DAWGS BLOG podcast.

People that just have cell phones can listen to the show by calling in at 646-787-8151 and if you have a comment or question we just hit #1 and it will queue you up and let me know that you want to say something.

Or you can click on this link here to listen online: http://tobtr.com/s/8876995
but you will have to use your phone to dial in the make a comment or ask a question.

It might be fun to listen just to see all the mistakes we will make but we are improving things.


  1. Last show was really well done I thought. Micah was a great guest too. I applaud him for turning his life around. He was very well spoken.

    • I’m working on improving it I ran some tests today I think I got some ideas and my cat really added a lot to it I appreciated what he did

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