California Sen. proposes new law to eliminate adults right to exempt themselves from vaccinations by Marty Carlson 5-28-2016   Bill number SB 792, introduced by Sen. Mendoza in California would eliminate an adults right to exempt themselves from all vaccines for all childcare workers. This includes public and private schools,Continue Reading

Here’s today’s dogs blog podcast on blog talk radio Just for information also part of the recording is a little troublesome to hear, there are definite problems with blog talk radio and getting feedback from another show after I got cut off on my phone and reentered on the microphone. AlsoContinue Reading

Cooking squirrel with blowtorch just caused a tenant $2 million by Marty Carlson 5-28-2016   The boyfriend of a woman burned her apartment building down by trying to cook a squirrel with a blowtorch. The woman who was the only person on the lease was originally held responsible for $15,400Continue Reading