As you all know I have started to go fund me account to upgrade DAWGS BLOGS software and some hardware, This is necessary as I will not sell advertising which will be someone trying to tell what I can or cannot say

Many people have been extremely generous up to this point and I am extremely grateful.

For the purpose of transparency here is a list of some of the things purchased up to this point:

  1. Sony movie Studio suite software, which includes a music studio and an audio studio which helps me edit all sorts of media, and makes it hundred percent easier now
  2. External DVD RW for my laptop when I travel as it does not have a disk drive with the storage case
  3. A 2TB external hard drive to back up my files with the storage case
  4. a 10 pack of USB flash drives which also is fitted for cell phones or tablets
  5. I currently have a monthly subscription to blog talk radio which allows for up to two hours a day of podcasts
  6. I am currently looking into getting better dictation software as what I’m using now is older outdated versions of Dragon, (I know that will make some of you happy)
  7. In addition, I now have a paid for website which gives me more functionality and resources, not to mention unlimited storage capacity

I just want to let everybody know and be very clear this funding is for DAWGS BLOG and DAWGS BLOG only not for me personally

So many people have been so kind up to this point I just want to reassure everybody my use of these funds and how excited I am to be able to upgrade and continue to inform the best way I know how.