What Linda “Copsucker” Taylor really said…….

This is a long and detailed post I suggest you sit down and take the time to read through it slowly.

Since I posted Linda Taylors interview, which I consider a self-interview and self-serving, I have been looking into her activities that lead to the arrest and eventual trial of AJ Pontillo.

See previous post concerning activities between her and law Enforcement in Stanislaus DA’s office click here

I began looking closer at said interview and following links that she had posted.

The second question in the so-called interview was Did you work the Aj bail bonds case?

Her response was: “I’m not a police officer so no I didn’t work on the case.” In my opinion this statement is false due to the FBI report that she had initiated that stated she had been doing an investigation of the bail bond industry and illegal immigrants see FBI report Here.

In those seven pages of reports there are three contacts between Linda Taylor and the FBI and all state that she had been conducting an investigation for several months and in fact on the last contact she requested to continue to be part of the collection of victims and witnesses and was advised not to. So it appears she wanted to continue to be part of the investigation and do law enforcement job for them.

The last answer on page one she in fact contradicted her own words and said she had interviewed about 20 witness’s and victims, she also stated she “I have a list of names and their testimony” again confirming her activities of an investigation and taking statements and keeping evidence but never to my knowledge revealed those names and their testimony.

Question 3 on page two:

Q. Have you ever worked as an informant for law enforcement?

Her response:

  1. No I have not.

But her actions of reporting and giving so much information about so many people was exactly what an informant does.

Question #5 on page 2:

Q. Did anyone from the District Attorney’s office, the Sheriff’s Department, the FBI, or any other law enforcement group or organization share information with you on the investigation of Aj’s bail bonds?

Her answer

  1. No they did not.

This I do not feel is true because if you look at the FBI report Here, on the first page she had been in contact with a Friend at the DA’s office who had advised her to look into AJ bail Bonds when she started her investigation.

The next question was:

Q. AJ started a blog that accuses DA investigator Steve Jacobson of leaking information about this case to you, is there any truth to that?

Her answer was

A. No. I did not receive information from Steve Jacobson on any investigation

Again I do not believe this to be true on page#7 it says she did mention that she was working with DA investigator Jacobson and also said she had contact with a couple of other special agents from the FBI.

The next question said:

 Q. On Aj’s blog he posted FBI documents with your name on them, have you seen them?

 Her answer:

I haven’t taken the time to read them. I can’t tell you if they are accurate or not. However, if the documents claim that I was the one who went to law enforcement with information I received through numerous interviews then that would be accurate.

Again I feel this not to be true because the link where it says AJ’s blog is a link to Dawgs Blog and the link goes directly to my May 19, 2015 post that has the FBI report on it. The same report I have been referring to and linking to in this post. So she obviously has been reading them. And to my knowledge AJ Pontillo has never started a blog.

In the next question she said this is not the first time she has been involved in criminal investigation and in fact it appeared to be bragging that there had been more. What comes to mind is she working for the law enforcement in this area and possibly been used to subvert the limitations that Law Enforcement may have on them where a private citizen may not be held to the same standard.

In the next to last question on page #2 she had put up 3 links, one to a Turlock journal newspaper article concerning Frank Carson http://www.turlockjournal.com/archives/24720/

The 3rd link is to AJ’s Facebook page and she states: You have Aleo Pontillo threatening people using military lingo and he now has a Facebook page dedicated to his hatred of law enforcement.  It’s a circus complete with puppets and dancing bears.

The second link I find incredibly interesting, here is the sentence with the link:

He also has some investigators working for him that are accused of criminal activity as well.

If you click on that link in blue in the above line it will take you to a blog titled Understanding Bail Bonds. It is a post on the case of Praveen Singh, a Modesto bail bondsman who was arrested on Murder and Solicitation Charges. It talks
about Singh being involved in the murder of the Korey Kauffman murder. I encourage everyone to read that article before reading on. Pay special attention to the alleged writer of that blog who has a picture and a short “about me” at the bottom, in addition there is a link to a google plus profile.

The name is Clive Johnson and he says he lives in the Tucson, Arizona area and runs Kaplin Bail Bonds since 1988 and here is his picture

If you click on his latest posts link it says there are two other articles in addition to the above linked post. All posts are dated Jan.1 1970. In addition there is a Home page with Bail Bond information and some other information regarding the Bail bond industry.

I began looking for Kaplin Bail Bonds in the Tucson and Phoenix, Arizona area with no results so I then began looking for a Clive Johnson in the Tucson area with no results through a few public data bases I am familiar with no results.

I then took his image and did a Google image search and here is my results in several screen shots notice his picture is all over north America as different people Click here for the Google image results and remember there are three pages.

So what does all this mean?

It appears someone had put up a fake blog to talk about the bail industry and bad mouth local Bail agents, notice the articles are mostly concerned with California and most of those are about Modesto agents and Frank Carson with a picture of a man who is being used all over the internet on different profiles in different areas.

I also find it interesting that she, Linda Taylor, had used this particular blog to link up in her self-interview to slam more bail agents and try to link Frank Carson to the Korey Kauffman murder.

Another coincidence is there has been an agitator commenting on the Modesto Bee articles concerning Korey Kauffman, and he has almost been harassing anyone who comments regarding the Frank Carson et al case that is currently in a preliminary hearing. This person has no photo, no cover photo, and a locked down page so no pictures, friends list or timeline can be seen, I feel there is nothing to see anyway but he does have one friend at least that is in the Phoenix area with the last name of Carroll. Strange coincidence? Maybe, maybe not. That is more of a coincidence that the evidence I have seen in the Carson et al case.

Lindas last self-serving statement at the end of her interview:

Q. What can we expect from you in future?

A. I’m not going anywhere. I will continue to help make Stanislaus County a better place to live and continue to work with anti drug coalitions to stop the proliferation of drug use in our communities.




By Linda “Copsucker” Taylor:

Martin Carlson apparently has angered some other people enough over his deranged dog blog that he had to be protected by law enforcement from someone that showed up at the Carson trial wanting to kick his asp. lol. Karma. Interesting to note I heard…some of the same law enforcement officers that were there to help Carlson, are the same officers he’s been lying about on his deranged dog blog. Hey Carlson. How does it feel to be dogged? Ruff ruff.

I heard Warren Yates told Carlson “Yeah, I would have slapped my chin down onto that guy’s fist and hit him in the knee with my nose, if he wouldn’t have ran.”

Proof she reads my blog, unless of course she heard it straight from the investigators……. Thank you Ms. Copsucker


  1. This Bitch is so stupid. The FBI reports clearly state what she has said an done. There is no denying it . She is the one needing protection not you. She needs to get her facts straight. She is posting shit about you all over and she wants to say you are stalking her. Appears she is the one with the problem. So to you Linda Taylor suggest you get a fucking life and stop making shit up. You weren’t even in court that long the day you showed up with your little tag along. Sure didn’t see you trying to confront Marty that day.

    1. Susan I would like to read what Crazy CopSucker is writing about Marty, but I cannot find a URL. Is there anyway you can post a URL to her “truthful” protect the people writings? She wrote Marty is stalking her? Is it her really posting this bullshit somewhere or just a troll pretending to be her and stirring things up.

      That is hilarious, in an otherwise very serious case, that first Marty would need protection from Hampton, and second that Marty would even start an altercation with Hampton.

      1. thegardeningsnail – Not every critter is hiding under a rock – Local Politics fanatic. Often spending hours researching the historical background to current issues; reading through City Council and Planning Commission Agenda Packets. Some people can spend hours playing online video games. I can spend hours looking up old newspaper articles online..... One of my favorites quotes is from the "Dune Saga"..."Belief can be manipulated. Knowledge is dangerous"
        thegardeningsnail says:

        Ask and ye shall recieve: https://stancoinsiderblog.wordpress.com/tag/linda-taylor-turlock-martin-monroe-carlson-hughson-stalker/

        I had noticed that “Linda” used to be a “regular” feature in the comment section of the Merced Sun Star. Now, she has all but dropped out of sight. Interesting.

      2. Anonymous if you use the link posted by thegardeningsnail after reading the April 2016 comment click on the May 2016 archive and you can read the other comment by Copsucker. She is just a total bitch.

      3. Another link is Community.oakdaleleader.com/blogs/detail/7034 Where the Copsucker is posted shit along with Lewis Davis her little side kick.

        1. dawg417 – I am the guy people love because I am so honest, But then they get pissy when I do the same with them.
          dawg417 says:

          Also if you look she started up another blog to criticize a relative and her boyfriend because she’s in a custody dispute for an elderly female she talked about their criminal records and if you do keep searching you’ll find she does like that all over the valley

    2. dawg417 – I am the guy people love because I am so honest, But then they get pissy when I do the same with them.
      dawg417 says:

      She actually ran away like a lil scared bitch that day……

  2. She is using a picture of a CIA operative being held in Iran? Fucking shame on you CopSucker! If that is his image you have really crossed the line of decency. I must believe that Robert Levinson is still alive as Iran likes to keep prisoners for ransoms or mostly for swapping prisoners. To use his picture, if it is his, is terrible, beyond words, a blizzard of disgrace on your part. It looks like you copied and pasted an article about an American field operative risking his life and freedom for your own means, then worked around the edges of it to somehow connect him to your crazy stories. Shame!

  3. CopSucker! You’ve met Marty, and I have met Marty, do think Hampton could kick his ass? Let’s have the two of them go behind the barn and see what happens? I will give you 20 to 1 odds on that bet if you think Hampton is going to do the ass kicking.

    Why am I even dropping down to your level of who can kick who’s ass? I think Marty would love to kick Hampton’s ass, but he is above that. Your logic though makes perfect sense though, I mean people always meet in front of the court house for their fights. I am sure Marty wants to risk being arrested being arrested for fighting Hampton anywhere.

    I have to wonder, are you being serious? Or is this like a Saturday Night Live sketch in blog form. With the DA’s office not so happy with the blogger in the back row, is Marty a pussy, or just intelligent, if he chose not to fight Hampton in your imaginary world?

    1. dawg417 – I am the guy people love because I am so honest, But then they get pissy when I do the same with them.
      dawg417 says:

      Snitches like her regularly turn things around to their benefit it just becomes a way of life for them.
      They were not protecting me from him they were protecting him from me and would not let me go out and talk to him as I was trying to do.

      1. Be careful just talking with the guy might get Fererria a chance to say you are tampering with a witness, or some bullshit. You already know all that though.

        1. dawg417 – I am the guy people love because I am so honest, But then they get pissy when I do the same with them.
          dawg417 says:

          Not when he comes to the court house looking for me.

  4. I have gone through the pictures and have to believe the picture is most likely of a Canadian business man in Cranbrook, B.C.


    At least it isn’t the American hostage in Iran.

    I think you are thinking of a bonds guy out of Tempe, Arizona, in the mid 80’s. He also was somewhat of a cross the line type of guy. Went to same HS that produced another person that crossed the line a lot at a private high school in our state. I believe this bonds guy was named Barry? He was know for using steroids and went to trial for it. He went to the ASU in Tempe. That’s the Bonds you are thinking of? Barry Bonds? He spent a lot of time hiding out around 3rd and King in SF. Oh, the other guy that like to cross the line from the same high school, he was in some Brady stuff, not sure about what Brady law means, but this guy was named Tom. Tom Brady I believe? the Bonds guy went to Serra High School in San Mateo, class of ’82 and the other one named Tom, know to deflate footballs, Serra High School class of ’95 went out to Michigan then ended up in the New England area. These guys two guys were arguable the best at what they did, although from time to time Linda, you’re right, the bonds guys crossed the line, and Brady one too crossed the line, but they were possible the best ever in there business.

    You should google these two guys, it is hard to find info on them, but you might come up with something.

  5. Im still perplexed on how the people were ever allowed to introduce any of the info collected by the cop sucker. As she is not a licensed
    PI nor a law enforcement officer. This was
    All a diversionary tactic, designed to remove
    The DA’s office from the spot light of its serious internal Investigation of one of its investigators, who had a long standing documented relationship with one of Aj’s
    Workers (not AJ)

    1. dawg417 – I am the guy people love because I am so honest, But then they get pissy when I do the same with them.
      dawg417 says:

      Agreed and was in fact directed to AJ by the “friend in the DA’s office”
      In addition she held an affidavit in her hand for an unserved search warrant but was never charged with corruption in a case that they were investigating corruption.
      I wonder how that investigation in the sanctuary for illegal aliens investigation ended up? (rolling my eyes)

    2. dawg417 – I am the guy people love because I am so honest, But then they get pissy when I do the same with them.
      dawg417 says:

      I also found out they were not willing to put her on the stand do to her unstable nature.

  6. Did you catch Mr. Microphone mark Davis name on page 2 of this report? Is that one and same?

    1. dawg417 – I am the guy people love because I am so honest, But then they get pissy when I do the same with them.
      dawg417 says:

      Yeah he seems to show up everywhere doesn’he?

      1. He worked for Aj? Hmm… And now he’s the da’s pet mole?
        I cannot wait till our next elected da Mr. Frank Carson sends all these criminals packing from the office of the day and restores justice in this town! Thanks to you guys for reporting the truth. You should all be commended for your courageousness will be the catalyst for preservation if our constitutional rights and civil liberties. Thank you Carson for DA !

    1. dawg417 – I am the guy people love because I am so honest, But then they get pissy when I do the same with them.
      dawg417 says:

      it is, he used to work for AJ, now like copsucker he works for the rumor mill and distraction dept for the DA’s office.

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