The Monkeys are back for their 50th anniversary

by Marty Carlson


The 60s band the monkeys first came onto the pop music scene 50 years ago this year. Three out of the four are still alive and touring. Davy Jones passed away in 2012 from a heart attack.

In the fall of 1966 four musicians were thrown together and made their American television debut. They were called the monkeys and they did 58 episodes and were pop culture it.

Then in 1967 the monkeys would outsell the Beatles and the Rolling Stones, and the first four albums went to number one. They were a made-for-TV band that was assembled by the show’s producers, who had placed an ad in the variety magazine saying they are seeking for insane boys.

Michael L Smith was playing at the troubadour at the time, figured he just go down in give it a try out and see what happens. He showed up wearing his famous knit That he constantly wore on the show.

Mickey Dolenz was playing the lead in a show called Circus boy and did not need to try out.

Peter torque heard about the auditions from a friend named Stephen Stills, who apparently have been passed over. Which set the stage for the band called Crosby stills Nash and Young.

Davy Jones was a British actor who it already had some Broadway experience.

Dolewnz said they connected almost instantly in fact it was scary.

Peter Tork said that except for himself there were no duds in the group. But went on to say that he wasn’t really a dud he just played one on television.

Apparently there were many times that there were butting heads with the show’s producer Don Kirshner who wanted to use outside bands for the music in the show and their first records.

Peter Tork said that he had studied music in college and had tried to write some for the show but he was told that he wasn’t needed it was already done.

The nonexistent band became such a phenomenon fans were screaming to see them live. And as Michael Nesmith said, what we do now?

So on their third album the producers find allowed them to play and it was entirely their own album. But at this point to critics are already branded the monkeys as a prefab four.

So there was this constant conflict of being a fake band that became a real band, and that they felt like it wasn’t real anyway.

So when asked if they really felt like a band the response was well you know it’s no-yes-maybe.

One of them stated is like Leonard Nimoy actually becoming a Vulcan.

The series only lasted two seasons and they went their separate ways. All stayed in the entertainment industry, but there are constant reruns of the show that if Reintroducing new audiences to the monkeys.

On the 50th anniversary Dolenz and Tork have headed out on tour again, and the remaining three have recorded a new album. The new album also included an old track called love the love that was done by Neil diamond but also featured the late Davy Jones.

They finished up by saying that they’re going to reach were again next year, and continued to do so until one of them drops. Until it whittled down to just one monkey left.