Texas man accuses dog of shooting him in the ass

By Marty Carlson


A Texas dog might’ve taken a bite out of crime recently when a man that was suffering from a pot induced paranoia had called the police saying someone had shot him in the ass.

The chief of police in the Groesbeck Police Department stated they had respond to a call at a mobile home park had spoken to the reporting party, who said he had been shot in the left buttock and determined that he’d been smoking a massive amount of marijuana.

Investigation revealed that a dog that when hanging out with him and become spooked by thunder and actually panicked and bit him, not shot him in the ass. The gentleman was treated by the EMS workers and released, and it was reported the dog was not arrested.

And I will say it again tell me about this safe drug that everybody wants to use freely like they do Percocet and the and other opiates.


  1. Lets fly the juice 2 texas, send linda cop
    Sucker with him, he could get the dog to confess

    1. They could help get the legal affidavits handled properly too.

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