This is the morning report of the Frank Carson preliminary hearing on May 31st 2016.

At the start of the court today which had a late start of 11 a.m. Robert forkner advice record of Patrick Hamptons arrests in Tuolumne County then requested any Communications that the District Attorney’s office has had twit Tuolumne County be revealed to the defense.

Madame GAO advised the court that Steve Jacobson had been in contact with Tuolumne County but the DA’s office has not been in contact with anybody up there in regards to the case. My understanding is Keith Jacobson does work for the District Attorney’s office but I guess I could be confused at times.

Testimony was restart it was Steve Jacobson on the Stan and Martha magana asking him about being sued but Frank Carson and being assigned to the task force which he was assigned by Dave Harris. The da objective to line a question about the lawsuit and being involved in the AJ pontillo case. And then the judge ruled that she cannot go into being involved in the OJ case in this line of questioning but can always bring him back later as this is cross-examination and Beyond the scope of the wiretap.

Martha magna said Jacobson if he was a supervisor or translators he could have been in charge of directing the translators to fit his purposes. DEA stated that she had rolled and Martha magana then stated that she had no further questions.

MTA inquired that the wiretaps were from 2014 and 2015 and this current line of questioning and Carson was not a Target of these wiretap though she says there is no foundation in regards to Carson on The Wire tips. Martha magana argued that Carson was intercepted in one in some of those wiretaps in 2014 so he was at Target but the judge sustain the objection and must be gone you then said no further questions.

The district attorney asked officer Jacobson if he had seen a video that pop and cork which involves a hazing incident with officers. You said said he had not seen the video and the judge then inquired why she is bringing this up and eventually told her she just needs to move on.

The da then begins to ask about how many guns were found at pop and cork in the search warrant which gained multiple objections which the judge sustained. She then went into a line of questioning asking if the local Chiefs and sheriffs were aware of the investigation and you stated he did not attend any meetings to inform the sheriff of Stanislaus County.

He did state that there was a meeting in 2015 with the doj Turlock PD Stanislaus District Attorney’s Office the Sheriff’s Office the FBI Ceres PD and Modesto Police Department, and and this apparently included the CHP commissioner and some of his staff to the commissioner.

Cameron made an injection and sarcastically noted that District Attorney’s Office in this County does not use proper form of evidence and the line of questioning that was asked of this investigator calls for an opinion testimony and not actually 1:15 or expert testimony. The DAR good it shows the level of investigation that was done in this case and the information gives to the state of mind Of Walter Wells and some of these telephone calls.

Tim rain as stated as the DEA likes to say constantly the tapes speak for themselves. The judge intervened and said it does not matter if there was meetings or not is not a factor in for this line of question.

The district attorney then asked about monitors instructions in 2014 and 2015 and were they briefed or debriefed before and after their shift. In which Jews advised that they were in monitors were also given information on the investigation and we advised of information that had been gathered in Prior shift. He also stated that there was the Department of Justice used early on in the investigation 2 avoid a conflict of interest was Frank Carson. But apparently there was no conflict later on for some reason.

They began to start a conversation that was done in a phone call to tell G to Atwal 2 Frank Carson Law Office which actually didn’t concern Frank Carson himself just the office. Percy Martinez objected as saying he had made a motion to suppress these calls to the law offices and he was waiting for the judge to rule.

The judge intervened and stated to the da asking her where are you going with all this?

The da claimed that during the cross-examination this investigator was asked about phone calls between Frank Carson and daljeet Atwal.

This time the judge realized it was the 12 o’clock hour and we broke for lunch to be returned at around 2 o’clock as a DA has an arraignment on the subject just brought back from Mexico.