Thanks the incredible support of many people that really been enjoying DAWGS BLOG of late, I am paying for air time on blog talk radio.

I have a lot of fun doing this but I am not using it to his full potential at this time. The plan I am paying for allows me to have two hours of airtime a day.

As you all know I am just using two hours on Saturdays. But I am considering adding a second day in the middle of the week for updates and different types of guests.

Below is a poll to help me decide if this is what you viewers want to see, there are several options to vote for on this poll and comments are also allowed.

I really would like to hear your input, to see if it’s feasible running more airtime during the week. In addition, instead of doing as many written reports that are being done every day, maybe we can do audio reports on blog talk radio. That would certainly probably help trying to decipher some of my posts.

Here’s your chance, let me know what you think.


  1. Are you the one that uses the phone to print it out and then doesn’t proofread it first?
    I’m not sure which one it is but what are you guys uses your voice to do your stories and sometimes so much of the grammar is wrong but I really don’t grasp what it is sayin

    1. I record my morning session on my tablet in my car during the lunch break and do not have time to proof read.
      I do know it can be difficult to understand but I am working on it to improve. but is the best I can do right now and keep updates during the day.

  2. Omg I just accidentally posted something I totally didn’t mean to can you take it off on this one right here in the comments I thought I was emailing you and I accidentally posted it and I didn’t even finish it or mean to sound the way it did and I don’t know how to take it back.

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    1. it is ok that is a fair question and I want people to know why it is like that.
      No worries.

  3. I will listen to the blog every time not no matter how often you do it and I’ll read all the articles too. Just don’t stop doing it that’s all I need you guys to know what’s going on .
    You guys are wonderful and we appreciate it .

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