JIM COOK IS SO BUSTED FOR LIES FRANK CARSON CASE ET.AL. 06/30/2016 BY WILLIAM THOMAS JENSEN (TOM) I had the privilege of watching a master at work this afternoon. Defense Attorney Timothy Rien totally destroyed self-proclaimed cell phone expert Jim Cook on the stand, catching him in lies and misconduct.Continue Reading

Just for information anybody waiting for Tom Jensen’s afternoon report it is going be slightly delayed tonight. I just received a verbal report from him and apparently he has an enormous amount of notes, a lot of excitement happened this afternoon, and it’s going to take some time to getContinue Reading

TELL ME LIES, TELL ME SWEET LITTLE LIES FRANK CARSON ET. AL. 06/29/2016 BY WILLIAM THOMAS JENSEN (TOM) Today, defense attorney Timothy Rien continued his lengthy cross examination of self-proclaimed cell phone expert Jim Cook. Between what Marty Carlson saw this morning, and what I saw this afternoon, Mr. CookContinue Reading

PODCAST TONIGHT 7:00 pm ON BLOGTALKRADIO FRANK CARSON TALK AND MORE People that just have cell phones or land lines can listen to the show by calling in at 646-787-8151 and if you have a comment or question we just hit #1 and it will queue you up and letContinue Reading

YOU CAN’T ALWAYS GET WHAT YOU WANT FRANK CARSON ET. AL. CASE 06/28/2016 BY WILLIAM THOMAS JENSEN (TOM) Today we had the continuing cross examination of self-proclaimed cell phone expert Jim Cook by defense attorney Timothy Rien. It was an interesting morning session. Prosecuting DA Marlissa Fereirra lost her bidContinue Reading

Supreme Court rules in favor of police in illegal search by Marty Carlson 6-28-2016 Last week in a divided ruling the Supreme Court upheld in fact bolstered police powers in ruling that an evidence of a crime may be used against the defendant even though it was obtained illegally. TheContinue Reading