1. Did I hear all this correctly..

    Some guy asked for a ride from Escalon.. and Cooley and another guy show up all muddy and mentioned that they had gone up to the mountains that day… ?

    Yet the investigator never thought that may be worth investigating..?

    • Yes you heard right and these are the same people that buried Korey Kauffmans bicycle I believe that is what you’re supposed to call a clue

  2. Incredible isn’t it?!? That so called intelligent people in positions of weilding power over others–people are who are supposed to he upholding the constitution–who swore an oath for their position who represent all of us in the community, have sunk to such low levels of underhandedness and presented such a fable contrived of nothing more than their desire and efforts to ruin someone who has opposed them and pointed out their numerous shortcomings and underhandedness. It is even embarrassing to see that they have not investigated this case as they would any other murder case, but they have merely found a way to link this whole thing to Frank Carson from the beginning of it because he has opposed them and proven them wrong and spoke out about their unethical and possibly illegal conduct. I suppose it wouldn’t surprise me to learn that certain ones from the investigation handpicked the actual murderers and helped them carry it out because they immediately targeted Frank Carson as soon as Kaufman went missing.
    If I had any doubts before about who the actual murderer was before, after hearing about Cooley and this other guy coming down out of the mountains muddy?!?!?!!! On top of having already butied Kaufman’s bicycle!?!?! Yet he has never been considered or investigated as a suspect?!?! He has been cultivated by the DA and the investigators as a star witness for the prosecution and patted on the back and practically lauded to the public via the Mod Bee and Turlock Journal as somewhat of a “hero–albeit heroine addict!” Good GAWD how do these people look in the mirror at themselves daily!?!?!!! Apparently, lack of any consciousness is a qualification for some of these DDA’s and the investigators. Dangerous people–very dangerous to all of us!

    Anyway, Marty, really enjoy listening to the podcasts as it is the next best thing to being there and I can do work while I am listening unlike reading. Thanks for doing a great job attending and reporting on this whale of a preliminary hearing!

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