Joey Ross: 10 years no justice for the family

by Marty Carlson


Joey Ross was part owner of the dugout bar in Oakdale in 2006, on July 4 even though the bar was closed he was hanging out with some friends inside the bar.

Joey had left the bar around 1:30 AM heading for home, walking towards his apartment he had made three phone calls to his mother, Nancy Ross. Nancy Ross said on the third call there was obviously something wrong and he was panicked, and upset, and was pleading for his mother to come pick him up. The family feels that whatever happened at that time he did not know who it was, and they were probably his murderers, or he probably would’ve said their names.

Nancy Ross did go out looking for him that night, or early morning, with having no luck locating him. In addition, he was not answering his cell phone. Around 5:30am that morning his body was discovered on the 500 block of F St. in Oakdale. They been stabbed multiple times including once in the aorta. His smash cell phone was lying next to him.

Apparently there has been no leads or witnesses have been turned up in all this time, and the Ross family is wondering if it is still being investigated as a have had no contact with law enforcement for extremely long period of time.

Joey Ross was not a gang member, or a drug user, but had consumed some alcohol that night. The bar that he left from was not a gang hangout type place, as they would not allow that kind of presence there.

The investigators involved in the case was DA investigator Steve Jacobson, and sometimes the Ross’s tend to wonder how many resources had been put into their son’s case. Sometimes they wonder how thorough of an investigation was conducted. One point that was made to me by the family, was at Joey’s cell phone was located next to him when the body was found, but it had been smashed. They feel because of where the body was located underneath the friend’s upstairs apartment that he had tried getting his friend attention by throwing the phone up against the window. Also, what I find interesting is that the back of the phone was not there at the scene, and the back of the phone was not located for several days until after when Joey’s mom found it in the office of the bar. This is the bar that had been searched by investigators for clues that they messed the back of his cell phone that was laying on the floor in the office.

Here is a letter I received from the family just a few days ago while I was attending the Frank Carson preliminary hearing:

Ten years ago on July 5, 2006, my 28-year-old nephew, Joey Ross was senselessly
murdered in Oakdale, CA. My family continues to suffer from this devastating
loss, which to date remains unsolved, even though there has been a $50,000
reward in this case. It is for this reason that I have been observing with curiosity
the case against Attorney Frank Carson and others, who have been charged in the
murder of Korey Kaufman. My family and I, have followed the preliminary
hearing, and have been astonished at the length and cost of this hearing. We
continue to observe with envy and awe the amount of time, resources, and
personnel that have been utilized in this case, all at taxpayer expense.

I am puzzled as to why certain cases in Stanislaus County receive more
investigative resources from outside agencies. It has been reported that 5-6
agencies were used to investigate, and adjudicate this crime. The current
preliminary hearing has been going on for more than 6 months.

Do all crimes in Stanislaus County receive the same resources in their
investigations? Do “current cold cases” continue to be investigated?

There seems to me to be an imbalance of and inequality of resources with regard
to certain cases.
I hope this is not so. It is also my hope that the Office of the
District Attorney and the County Board of Supervisors can justify and explain
these expenditures.


Karen Johnson

Oakdale, Ca

I think the family has some very valid points here, have they put the resources available to the Joey Ross case that they have put towards the Frank Carson et al case?

You look at the expense, the time, of all the resources made available to Frank Carson case and it makes you wonder if they have done that for Joey Ross. They have spent over $4 million on the Frank Carson preliminary hearing. This hearing started in October 2015, this hearing is still going on today on June 3, 2016.

Joey Ross deserves justice just as much as Korey Kauffman does, where the resources being to put towards Frank Carson and others on this hearing. Joey Ross was 28 years old when he died, Joey Ross will now never be able to make Nancy Ross a grandmother, Joey Ross will never be able to have his mother plan his wedding, Joey Ross is been taken away way too young in life like Korey Kaufman was.

You talk to the family and you still hear the loss of their loved one in their voice, you feel the disappointment of not getting justice for Joey, and you sense that void that can never be filled again.

When I talked to Karen Johnson and Joey Ross’s mother Nancy Ross. Having been waiting for 10 years for justice for Joey, and is were getting close to the anniversary of his death, they had these interesting questions that personally I wish I could give them the answers to but of course I cannot.

Recently they had been in contact with Lester Jenkins, the retiring Oakdale police chief, and who is actually physically retired but is still on the books do vacation sick leave and what not. I have been told that he stated that he will take the time to sit down and talk to them soon as he after he gathers maybe whatever information is available. And note I have made several calls to Oakdale Police Department leaving messages for someone to call Dawgs Blog for an official response, but have not done that as of yet.

The Governor of the state of California has put a $50,000 reward out for any information leading to the arrest of Joey’s killer. Even that has not produced any fruitful results, other than the fact you have complete jerks and clowns like Patrick Hampton trying to cash in on that. And he has made many efforts of naming a suspect in trying to collect.

Anyone who has any information can call crimestoppers with information at this number

Call Toll free 1-866-60-CRIME(27463) or (209) 521-4636


Text A Tip to 274637 include tip 704 plus your message. ALL CALLS ARE ANONYMOUS



  1. Temecula valley investigations is willing to put a 3 man team on it for 1 month @$5,000
    All team members would be working for free
    Thisvwould cover gas food an lodging

  2. This just absolutely breaks my heart and brings tears to my eyes. It’s not bad enough this county wastes resources on prosecuting innocent people, they have made this poor family feel like their son isn’t a priority. Nancy and Karen, I am so sorry you lost such a wonderful son and nephew. This is such a tragedy, and the very people who should be investigating are off wasting money on trips to Vegas, NY, and Hawaii. This county is such a joke. It’s not bad enough our county is known for its meth heads, we can’t even count on those who are sworn to help us. The DA is just as corrupt as the criminals.

    I pray this poor family finds justice. We can’t count on the investigators of Stanislaus county to help us, so we have to rely on the citizens. Whatever I can do to help I will. I will continuously pray for Joey, and that his killer is thrown in prison where he/she belongs. Please have faith that the person who took your precious son away from you, will be held accountable for this horrible crime. After 10 years I just can’t believe there’s been zero leads.

    The reason why all the resources have been wasted prosecuting innocent people is all because of personal vendetta. This is the DA’s way to make the law suits and microscope they were under go away. Frank had motions against people from the DA, the athwals had a suit against the county, Walter testified on behalf of the athwals…. This is the only way to make all of that go away. Once again I’m so sorry for your loss, and I hope you find some peace knowing that we care about what happened to Joey. Whatever needs to be done to get his story out there we will do. However I can help you, please contact Marty. He knows how to reach me.

  3. It is no coincidence that Joeys case and Carsons case are mentioned here in the same concerned voices. Search deeper as to what they have in common and you will find the killer. It’s a cover up involving the cartel in both cases

  4. Who was Joey trying to protect that night? Who’s window was broken out and by whom? Who’s police record was” lost” by Oakdale Police Dept?

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