Muhammad Ali dead at 74……..

Boxing legend Muhammed Ali passed away in Phoenix today

by Marty Carlson



Multiple media outlets have reported that boxing legend Muhammed Ali has passed away in Phoenix this evening. He was 74 years old.

Ali passed away in a Phoenix hospital after spending several days to be treated for some type of respiratory illness. There have been some question about the validity of the death claims but the family has confirmed apparently tonight.

Known as one of the best boxers of all time, a civil rights activists, and one heck of an entertainer, even going as far as calling himself “The Greatest” then spent the rest of his life showing the world that he probably was the greatest.

Mr. Ali but the last 30+ years fighting Parkinson’s disease which is a neurological disease that slowly deteriorates his ability to verbalize himself as he was so well known for not to mention is inhibiting his physical abilities.

Not known for shying away from political commentaries are activities, recently he was critical of Donald Trump and his claims of wanting to keep the Muslims out of our country. In fact being quoted as saying we Muslims need to stand up against people that use Islam for their own personal agendas and advancements.

Ali had become extremely popular in the 60s through his boxing abilities, then known as Cassius Clay, been converted to Islam and refused to serve in the Vietnam War.

Born in 1942 in Louisville Kentucky, yet started boxing at a very young age, before becoming a Golden gloves boxer and then heading to the 1960 Olympics. He had won a gold medal in that same Olympics.

Turning professional shortly thereafter and being sponsored by businessman in Louisville, he was quickly given the nickname for Louisville lip, based on his ability to talk and rhyme. But there’s never any doubt that he was able to back up his bold talk in the ring.

A longtime activist against racism after being refused service at restaurants and businesses, he had thrown his gold medal into a river after a fit of anger.

A short time later he was granted a fight with Sonny Liston and the rest is become history and in the ring after that fight claimed he was the greatest and King of the world. And to be honest with you I don’t think I want to argue with him.

After winning the title he denounced what he called his slave name of Cassius Clay, and there was from then on referred to as Muhammed Ali. He defended his title six times successfully, including a rematch against Sonny Liston. Then in 1967 was drafted for the Vietnam War.

He refused to serve saying war when he gets his faith and he had no issues with the Viet Cong. He did appear at our army recruiting station and refuse to step forward when his name is called. His title was immediately stripped, and eventually charged and convicted of tax evasion, and sentenced to five years in prison.

His appeal took four years to get to the Supreme Court and in 1971 they reversed the lower court conviction and ruled that the Department of Justice said improperly advised the draft board that all he stands was not a religious belief.

He was then allowed to return to the ring which resulted in many highly publicized matches and finally retired from the ring in 1979.

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