FRANK CARSON et al update…….


Just received notice no court today judge is sick will keep you informed about tomorrow


  1. This is beyond ridiculous. 7+ months now and this prelim has gone nowhere. Besides Momma Bev’s fictional narrative we have no- who, how, what, where ? Either put Woody on the stand or toss the case. I guess Cooley hasn’t been seen for quite some time in his regular spots. Who knows maybe someone paid Cooley to get out of town. Maybe this extra time will give the DA time to, in Judge Z’s own language, “narrow” this thing down. At the start they should have just put Woody on the stand and worked from there. If not that then maybe have 115’d Woody’s story if that is rout they are going to take. Then Ferreira could have tried to work in all her conscience of guilt and state of mind stuff. As Judge Z said “We have a Woody problem”.

    So another one of my questions- say Woody wants to take the fifth, can they still 115 what he has said up to this point. If so get Bunch or Evers or whoever it is on the stand tell give the damn 115 testimony. Does Woody or his lawyer exercise and control of 115 testimony? If not, tough luck Woody, let’s have the 115 used. From reading the blogs, and listening to the PodCast, I think 115 was designed to hurry this thing up? So here is a prelim where we need the 115 long ago. If they are going to use 115 then fucking use it! Fucking 115 Cooley’s bullshit too! I think it would be now within the “spirit of the 115 law” to put it to use.

    • Woody probably wont testify without immunity or a deal in place. I am not sure that either is in the cards.
      115 can be done on this Dumass’s many different storys.

    • Correction-

      I meant ” It is great information and should be seen by all”

      Not “If” at the start.

      Also I noticed they might appear as one URL-

      The first one is Carson addressing the Board of Supervisions. When I watched it for the first time it really helped me get a better perspective of Frank Carson. The Bee’s photo of him is horrible. It is like they purposely looked through all the photos they had of Carson and put up the worst one. I was somewhat judging the book by cover until I saw the video. I know there still is a lot I do not know about Carson, well his record speaks for itself. I liked Micah describing him on the PodCast too. According to Micah, Carson helped him change his life. I think Marty mentioned that Micah named his son after Carson.

      Above is Carson at board of supervisions

      The other is from down in Orange or Riverside County and the appellate court is slamming the DA’s office in a case sort of like Carson’s.

      • Thanks Marty for editing it so it doesn’t look like just one URL. I think both videos should be watched by all.

        Also, can you answer my 115 question on Woody? Can everything he has told investigators be used in a 115 even if Woody does not want him too? Or does the fifth protect Woody from being 115’d? Also, can law enforcement interviews with Woody be used in court even if he pleads the fifth?

  2. This Judge sure is getting sick a lot and putting this case on hold. Just goes to show that we all are sick of it and it needs to stop and release these innocent people now. Nothing but a bunch of bullshit and lies being presented by the DA.

    • I think it’s taking a big toll on the judge right now but in large part her own fault for not taking control of this courtroom

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