As a disclaimer for this commentary, I wish to go on record as I have in numerous other commentaries that have been posted. I spent 27 years in law enforcement and fully support all legitimate and unbiased law enforcement in our country, state, county and city dedicated men and women who put their lives on the line 24 hours a day to protect us. The two keywords in my commentary are “legitimate” and “unbiased”. As that beloved commentator Paul Harvey used to say in his opening: “Now For The Rest Of The Story “.


Ladies and gentlemen and boys and girls of all ages, welcome to the sorriest show on earth also known as: The persecution of the Frank Carson “8”. Brought to you in boring jaundiced color by the Stanislaus County District Attorney’s Office. The current circus going on in Department 26 does not have any elephants, tigers, bears or trapeze acts. All of those acts stayed home. But we do have an overabundance of clowns, quick-change artists and balancing acts. So let’s let the show begin.

First I want to say that I’ve been absent from the courtroom for several weeks investigating criminal defense cases in which some defendants are innocent and others are just overcharged in the complaints from the District Attorney’s Office. The more charges a person has in their complaint; it makes it much easier to have the Dist. Atty. dismiss a plethora charges in exchange for a guilty plea to one of them.

In case some of you readers missed the circus the last time it was in town, I’m going to “refresh your recollection”, a term by the way heard almost as often in court as “Objection”! Those of you that have been following this fiasco know that the civilian prosecution witnesses (Clowns) put on by the district attorney read like the 10 most wanted criminals on the wall of the post office.

The team of defense attorneys on numerous occasions have accused the Dist. Atty. of granting favors and consideration to these scofflaws in exchange for their testimony. Of course the Dist. Atty. vehemently denies this. Let’s see a few examples.

Let’s start with Ronald Glenn Cooper, Jr. who came all dressed up in his finest orange and white striped snitch suit. ” He is the peach of a guy committed a home invasion, terrorized a woman, held a knife to her throat and then robbed her. Then this peach of a guy instead of being hit with a third strike, he was allowed to plead to abusive or cohabitant and given four years instead of life in prison. But you gotta remember, he is one other star witnesses but his sweetheart deal had nothing to do with him testifying in this case. COME ON PEOPLE!!! GIMME A STINKING BREAK!!

Now comes Deputy Public Defender Benjamin Rosenstein who apparently has no problem in telling the truth. He represents both Ronald Cooper Junior and Michael Cooley. And right out of the gate Mr. Rosenstein states that both of his clients are promised leniency in their unrelated cases. Mr. Rosenstein has been promised that Cooley will not serve prison time for the alleged drug offenses. He was present when Special Agent Bunch questioned Cooper in April 2014. Bunch promised Cooper consideration of leniency on his pending cases. Considerations were made the Deputy Public defender testified. Mr. Rosenstein has grapefruits. But the DA says no deals were made. Pinocchio would be proud right now. But that’s none of my business. Just saying…

Another little random tidbit here involves another one of the star witnesses Patrick Hampton: On January 30, 2014 a probation officer’s notes state that Hampton knows he’s wanted and he will shoot it out with the deputy to avoid going to jail. Hampton is also to be considered armed and dangerous and carries a handgun in his waist band.

On the same date there had been a telephone threat made against officer Gary Vernon by Hampton and officer Vernon’s home had special security placed around. Talk about an oxymoron and I won’t mention who the moron is but less than two years ago the star witness for the prosecution was ready to shoot it out with the police to avoid going back to jail and made threats against a police officer and now he is a witness for the prosecution. From I wanna shoot a cop to I wanna be a cop. Will wonders never cease in Stanislaus County? But the DA says no deals were made. Pinocchio would be proud right now. But that’s none of my business. Just saying…

Another tidbit of information from November 25, 2015: SILENCE I SAY!!!!!!!!!

Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof; or abridging the FREEDOM OF SPEECH, OR OF THE PRESS; or the right of the people peaceably to assemble and to petition the government for a redress of grievances. First amendment of the Bill of Rights.

At the last closing session, deputy Dist. Atty. Ferreira used my name in open court and held up something purported to be something I wrote and requested that Judge Zuniga issue a gag order to prevent anyone, particularly myself from giving our perceptions of the proceedings.

As I mentioned in a prior post, I am humbled by the thought that deputy Dist. Atty. Ferreira feels that something I write could possibly influence anyone and sway their opinion regarding this airtight, slam-dunk, gotcha, “it’s in the bag” and “it’s all over but the shouting” case of theirs.

Dist. Atty. Ferrera wants to suffocate my right to publish an average citizen’s perception of the events of this preliminary hearing. I have no idea what Dist. Atty. Ferreira is so afraid of regarding what I write. Albert Einstein once said “Unthinking respect for authority is the greatest enemy of truth”. As citizens, we have to have respect for authority, but must not go along like lambs being led to slaughter.

It is incumbent on us as free men and women to challenge authority, in order to avoid transgressions of justice.

Now a little about the Ramey Warrant that the Dist. Atty. had to judge shop to find one who would sign it. Robert Forkner then asked Special Agent Bunch if one of the witnesses named Paden (Spelling ?) Called him and told him that the information on the Ramey warrant was incorrect and Special Agent Bunch answered yes. He was then asked if he had told Mr. Paden about the black BMW and Special Agent Bunch answered no. Special Agent Bunch was asked if Mr. Paden accused law enforcement of false information in the Ramey warrant and Special Agent Bunch said yes but Mr. Paden was mistaken. Hmmmn? Really? Really? Special Agent Bunch. Of course, what does a citizen know?

Under questioning Bunch then said that Mr. Paden did not hear any threats from the vehicle and he never heard Frank Carson’s name come from the vehicle. Then Mr. Garcia said wasn’t Mr. Paden annoyed and angry because of what you put in the Ramey warrant? Bunch answered well he was “concerned”. Mr. Garcia then asked did Mr. Paden say in that recorded telephone call how could I remember two years ago? Bunch then had to admit also that Paden said he did not see a second person in the car.

Then Bunch had to admit that he and his partner persisted in talking about the possibility of the seat laying down in the car were Mr. Paden couldn’t see someone. To Paden confirmed that there was only one person in the car. Mr. Garcia asked bunch, didn’t Mr. Paden say that this is a bunch of bull shit? Bunch admitted that he said that.

This again showing more inconsistencies in Special Agent Bunches reports versus what was actually said.

Special Agent Bunches demeanor changed under the questioning by defense attorneys. A lot of the bravado he exhibited when questioned by deputy Dist. Atty. Ferreira had all but disappeared. He seemed much more humble now in answering questions. The focus shifted to his interview with Stout. He was asked if Stout said why did it take so long for you to interview me. It’s been over two years.

Stout also said that prior to the murder, Cooley had set up Korey Kauffman because Cooley felt that Korey was fooling around with Eula Keyes.

Moving right along now, 3-9-16 – This day started out as many others with the ModBee reporter missing in action. Looks like he and traitor bowe bergdahl decided to desert together. That’s OK though. The DA will trade five of her best lowlife prosecution witnesses for the Bee reporter. So there is hope after all.

Attorney Rein got Deputy Barringer to relate that Michael Cooley during the interview always referred to Korey Kauffman in the past tense. Cooley made the following statements: “Korey was my best friend”, “Korey was like a son to me” and ” He was a good kid”. To a reasonable person it would be obvious that Michael Cooley knew that Korey Kauffman was deceased or he would not have referred to him in the past tense.

We know from previous testimony of some of the prosecution star witnesses that Michael Cooley has been described as a violent person and likes to pull knives on people. Cooley was also angry because he thought that Korey Kauffman was trying to move in on Cooley’s girlfriend Eula Keyes. A guy on drugs and mad because he thinks someone is trying to take his woman and always has knives handy would seem to place high on the suspect list.

Deputy Barringer was then asked about a subject by the name of Rudy Gonzales who had threatened to cut Korey Kauffman’s throat from ear to ear and had also tried to hit him with his car. Deputy Barringer was asked if he thinks Gonzales might’ve been the “the guy” referring to who killed Korey Kauffman and Deputy Barringer immediately answered YES! Ms. Ferreira immediately objected on some legal grounds known only to her and asked the judge to strike the prior answer which the judge did. But at least Deputy Barringer was honest enough to say that he thinks is a possibility that Gonzales could’ve killed Korey Kauffman.

Then under questioning by Jess Garcia, deputy Barringer stated that Rudy Gonzales was upset about not getting his money from Korey. Deputy Barringer interviewed Robert Woody with Deputy Crowley with him. Cooley identified Korey Kauffman as a druggie and a scrapper. Michael Cooley stated he is not a thief, the drug user or a dealer.” Saints be praised “we found a good one.
Cooley did state that he was outraged when being accused of being a thief.

Well I have a whole lot more but I’m going to stop at this point to bring some more current information to the forefront. We know that a number of months ago County supervisor Jim Demartini and a broadcast on blog talk radio said that there has been over $3 million spent on this case. He also made the statement that this is the case that the Dist. Atty. cannot win. The next question is why of the Board of Supervisors continuing to allow this complete waste of taxpayers’ money to continue.

All they have to do is turn off the spigot of wasted funding and have the Dist. Atty. focus on bringing the admitted murderer, Robert Woody, to trial for the heinous murder of Korey Kauffman.

Then some months later Jim Demartini has what is purported to be an interview with Bunch, believed to be Marlissa Ferreira, Bob Taro and somebody else. This visit by Bunch and Ferrera kind of mirror how they came to a citizen named Samra and jerked him around. Here’s a recap of what happened to him:

I was appalled at the conduct afforded Mr. Samra by the Dist. Atty. staff. I was in law enforcement for 27 years, 19 years here in Stanislaus County and have never seen such underhanded lowdown tactics as exhibited by the District Attorney’s Office against Mr. Samra. When you read what they did you need to be very angry with the District Attorney’s Office for their lowlife actions.

There is no question that Investigator Bunch had knowledge of the warrant outstanding for Mr. Samra when they went to his residence and made contact with him. While interviewing him and telling him what he should do when defense attorney Forkner talks to him and then saying” I was never here and this never happened” smacks of egregious misconduct. Both Ferrera and bunch were there in the effort to intimidate Mr. Samra.

Then in court when the witness’s testimony is not favorable to the prosecution, all of a sudden the deputy district attorney blurts out “you have a warrant don’t you?”and Mr. Samra is arrested. YOU DON’T GET MUCH MORE LOW LIFE THEN THAT! The judge brought everyone into chambers and admonished the district attorney.

During the opening salvo this morning in court defense attorney Martinez reiterated the fact that Investigator Bunch told the witness” that this meeting never happened and I was never here”. Mr. Martinez also pointed out the fact that Investigator Bunch did not memorialize the meeting. LIKE A CAT TRYING TO COVER SOMETHING UP KIRK AND MARLISSA?

We have to wonder if Jim Demartini was told “we work here, this never happened”? In watching this case develop I am reminded of the story of Gordius, the King of Phrygia who tied a knot that could only be untied by the future ruler of Asia. Instead when Alexander the Great saw it, he drew his great sword and cut it. The analogy is that the people’s case appears to be the Gordian knot and the defense attorneys are akin to Alexander the Great and cutting that knot. Just saying…

Of the said before I have a lot more recapping to do but I will have to wait for a day or two to do that. So stay tuned for more from the persecution of the Frank Carson 8.

Now to go onto one more matter. We know that the Board of Supervisors has direct control over the District Attorney’s Office. In an article printed by the Modesto Bee assistant district attorney Carol Shipley made the statement “I have heard from one member of the Board of Supervisors that they are unhappy if anything less than criminal charges come out of this case” while referring to the persecution of Carmen Sabatino several years ago. The supervisors in that meeting were Ray Simon, Grover, O’Brien and Jim Demartini. The District Attorney’s Office should be required to identify the person that said that so the public will know how vindictive a County supervisor can be against a citizen.

Failure to disclose the person that intimidated the District Attorney’s Office into filing charges against Carmen Sabatino needs to be exposed. Failure to identify that person means that the District Attorney’s Office condones vindictive prosecutions

well this is the end of the recap for now as I said before, but much more to follow soon. So keep your listening ears on for the rest of the story.