Just for information on custody status as per the Stanislaus county online who is in custody page

CARSON, FRANK CLIFFORD Charge: 187(A) PC Bail: NOBAIL Charge: 182(A)(5) PC Bail: NOBAIL

Charge: 118(A) PC Bail: NOBAIL

WELLS, WALTER WESTLEY Charge: 187(A) PC Bail: $10,000,000 Charge: 182(A)(5) PC Bail: INCLUSIVE

ATWAL, BALJIT SINGH Charge: 187(A) PC Bail: NOBAIL Charge: 182(A)(5) PC Bail: NOBAIL

ATWAL, DALIJIT SINGH Charge: 187(A) PC Bail: NOBAIL Charge: 182(A)(5) PC Bail: NOBAIL

WOODY, ROBERT LEE Charge: 187(A) PC Bail: $2,000,000 Charge: 182(A)(5) PC Bail: Inclusive



  1. It’s so apparent what is wrong here Marty but if any of us say the truth we could be next
    Too bad that witch is an elected official, otherwise I would be begging the Board of Supervisors to remove her sorry ass

  2. There was a change in the bail schedule,
    Sometime after woodys arrest & prior to the
    Arrest of the others….

  3. Well I will tell you what is wrong here. The corrupted DA and Investigators are trying to frame Carson and the others due to their vendettas and hatefulness toward them. Carson has spoken loudly to the public about the corruptness going on and he has beat them in so many cases they can’t handle it. I don’t understand why people are so afraid to voice their opinions it’s our American right to speak up and say what we feel. If they are intimidated by us citizens they sure does not speak well for them. Robert Woody’s case is also being heard in a different court room, DA must have made a deal with him. Otherwise why is his bail so low considering he admitted to killing Korey Kauffmann. Something is sure going on here. Elected or not they can be removed.

  4. You know what’s wrong
    But as stated you could be next
    Of course they took one shot at me already

  5. That is just fucking ridiculous the actual murderer has a bail and the innocent have none . Carson is not a flight risk they are doing this to break him and to show every one how crooked and fucked up the da’s office really is are so every one else knows don’t fuck with us or we will ruin ur life .

  6. Come on everybody! You heard Momma Bev’s story? Woody was forced into doing this. All Woody did was show up at the supposed crime scene, he got a phone call in the middle of night, sprinted 3 miles across town, he dove head first into an all out brawl in which Kauffman was kicking one of the Atwals’ ass. Woody’s intentions were all good. When arrived on scene he tried to pull kauffman off Atwal, he was saying that’s enough guys Kauffman has had enough, wait… uuuuuummm, Kauffman was getting the best of Atwal, so Woody showed up to…… Well we all know he was there with an olive branch and dove to bring this to a peaceful end. As he struggled to save Atwals life, the other Atwal took the luckiest shot of his life. In this mangled up mess of a brawl Atwal #2 somehow shot Kauffman and missed the other two. Then Woody is like Man I don’t want no part of this shit, so he goes to leave, but behind him is Carson and some sort of copper yet to identified. Possibly Clive Johnson bail bonds expert from Tuscon. They look Woody square in face and said “Where you going boy! You clean up this mess here boy you hear me boy!” Then Carson says give the gun! He disappears into the night with Clive Johnson so he has an alibi.

    That’s the story man. Woody was there to bring peace, and was held against his will. Did all of you read Momma Bev’s testimony? Woody was held against his will, you might even call it kidnapping. I have to wonder why he is even being held in jail? Why is a good Samaritan like Woody in jail at all? His MOM went on the stand and told us all the truth. That’s all I need.

    Before I get ass blasted for what I wrote, you all know it is sarcasm. It shows my “state of mind” as to how fucked up this is. Just the thought that Woody has bail and the others do not is completely baffling. In this mixed up mess it appears that they know they have no case, did not take it to a Grand Jury, so they could drag Carson through the mud, ruin him, and his family, and what they are doing now is just punitive perverted power. Also, it is not justice for Kauffman!

    1. The whole case is a travisty….i truly believe
      Carson n chp guys are 100 percent innocent
      ….just the difference in bail amounts has
      Absolutely no merit…..Simply stated the bails are set to the assigned scheduled amounts
      At the time of booking….Ironicaly this is the
      only thing the county has done correctly…not looking to get blasted…only pointing it out…
      My 2 cents is that defense attorney should be
      Closing every day with a demand for bail reduction….especialy on the days they thoroughly kick madam DA’s but…moreover,
      The judge is saying stuff like “i just dont c it”

      1. I talked to one of the attorneys about the bail situation the basically it comes down to they get one bite of the apple on bail went to judges ruled that is it

  7. Fuck man! Woody’s bail is 8,000,000 lower than Wells! Woody 2,000,000 Wells 10,000,000?

    1. Like i said they were booked in on different dates…..the bail schedule changed in the

      But i agree it sucks

      Bail is suppose to be reasonable

      Even a wealthy celebrity would have a hard time making 10mil bail

      1. Bail is only to be used as a guarantee of appearance in court, not as punishment, in fact it is illegal to be used as punishment. But appears to be the case here.

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