I had to leave court at 11:00 AM today to be home for a large shipment from UPS. About 5 hours into my delivery window, I was called and told that my appointment had been made in error by a temporary employee yesterday. UPS has no idea where my shipment is. I am tired of dealing with incompetent people in this world, and I am tired of the corrupt incompetent people that are trying to make murderers out of the innocent accused in this case.

What I saw this morning had me shaking my head, wondering how this fiasco could be allowed to happen in Stanislaus County. Our laws are set up to protect the citizens, but are being used to persecute people who have become unpopular with the powerful in our community. A certain segment of our local law enforcement have crossed the line, and have bastardized the legal system. The crimes that are being perpetrated by these rogue officials go unpunished, and have happened in at least four trials that I have attended over the last decade. They ruin lives, strip people of their life savings, destroy political careers, and face no consequences for their misguided actions. In one case that I am aware of, an innocent defendant’s pregnant wife and child died because of the stress that was inflicted during trial.

The confessed killer of Korey Kauffman, Robert Woody, has a 2-million-dollar bail. He sits in jail because he can’t afford to bail out. Frank Carson, who is unjustly accused of Korey Kauffman’s murder, sits in jail with NO BAIL. The same thing goes for CHP officer Walter Wells, Baljit Athwal, and Daljit Atwall. They have NO Bail.

Frank Carson, who is a brilliant attorney, is not being allowed to defend himself against the charges that have been made against him. He sits in jail, and loses weight. He had to fight for the simple right to not be shackled and dressed in a striped jumpsuit while sitting in court with his attorneys. Frank Carson is spending every bit of his life savings trying to defend himself. I always thought that we were supposed to be innocent until proven guilty in a court of law. We have it ass backwards in Stanislaus County, and I fear that this is happening elsewhere in our country.

Now that I am done with my rant, I will try to describe what happened during the 90 minutes of court that I was able to attend today. I took very little notes, because everything that I heard was just a “Dog and Pony show.”

Jim Cook, the self-taught, self-professed cell phone expert was back on the stand trying to go through his 309 slides of a Power Point presentation. I think we were at slide #15 when I had to leave at 11:00 AM. Each and every one of these slides are being objected to by the defense on multiple grounds. He is trying to use his voodoo cell phone science to show us that he can tell which cell phone tower will hook up with a cell phone in different locations within each dwelling. This man has no formal education, but wants the court to consider him to be like Albert Einstein.

Jim Cook has testified that he has testified in over 80 criminal prosecutions. He only works for the prosecution, and I am sure he has contributed to the misery of many innocent victims during his 30-year career. He certainly has not learned how to properly answer questions that call for a yes or no answer. Repeatedly, Jim Cook tries to go on a dialogue when answering yes or no questions. Each and every time, he is instructed to stop doing this, and yet he does the same thing with the very next question. Jim Cook claims that he has learned his craft by on the job training. It is obvious to me that he has a problem learning the proper way to testify on the stand. After 80 criminal cases, he is one of the worst witnesses I have ever encountered.

Marlissa Fereirra is supposed to be one of the best Prosecuting DA’s we have in Stanislaus County. She continually gets warned by the judge about asking compound questions. The defense attorneys object, the judge sustains and warns her, and she does it again. Time after time she does this. She gets warned about responding to rulings by the judge. She tries to lecture the judge about the law, and gets admonished for doing so. She gets bogged down by filling her days in the courtroom with endless irrelevant slop. We are watching her destroy her case in slow motion. This should have been done many months ago, but her idiotic courtroom tactics seem to be designed to prolong the defendants suffering.

I will try to endure this marathon. It has taken a huge mental and physical toll on me. Judge Zuniga continues to barely be able to speak. She has frequent coughing fits, and goes into bronchospasm. Even though I sit in the extreme back of the courtroom, I got infected with whatever she is fighting. I hope I don’t come down with it again.

Court resumes Monday at 10:00 AM. This cell phone expert is going to be on the stand for a very long time. Each and every day will be a war. This is a war that the prosecution can’t win. I don’t think they care. The longer the trial goes on, the longer they can stick their voodoo needles into the innocent.

Sincerely; William Thomas Jensen (Tom)


  1. Tom we do appreciate, I think I speak for others here, that you are going to court each day, along with Marty and Warren, and painting a picture of this convoluted fiasco. Sarcasm is all I can think to write about these days. Just going to SOM alone, did Ferreira ask that Carson wear shackles during court? I think that directly goes to “state of mind” of the prosecution. Day by day, it is becoming more obvious the DA’s focus is clearly punitive in nature towards Carson. Make him where shackles? Was it just for bringing him back and forth to the court house? Or did she want him to sit in court all day with shackles on? In the affidavit this cell phone stuff was presented as pretty simple stuff. Who owns the cell phone, and what time it pings off towers in the the general direction of where the body was found? The judge told Cook just to stop with the power point shit?

    The only levity I can bring here as I read your blog- Hampton is out, and your package disappeared?

    It does make me think of a song from “Money Ball”. Something like “I want money my back, I want my money back, just enjoy the show…….”

    My take on it in this “context” of this trial- The Carson 8 need to freed, tax payers want their money back, and the DA is saying “Just enjoy the show”. Do we get our money back from Cook if the case is tossed? The Carson 8 won’t get back their time in jail back, the damage done to lives of the 8 and their families the cannot get back, and it seems the DA is saying just enjoy show.

    I think of Old Blue Eyes (Sinatra)-“….. send in the clowns, where are the clowns, don’t bother they’re here…”

    And here is one last song from Nancy Sinatra dedicated to the DA’s office from all the honest people in this county –

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