I’m doing a dictation report on the morning session on the Frank Carson preliminary hearing today.

This morning session was started late at 10:30 a.m. and on the stand was Jim Cook again.

They were just discussing call from Baljeet Outlaw that way to and from his cell phone and which Towers. I wrote 4 pages of notes but basically it comes down to there were eight calls on March 30th at 2012 that ping the towers comma and they trace 43 calls on March 31st 2012 that thing the towers.

Jim Cook head again a PowerPoint presentation but was not actual AT&T data or records on the presentation. So there was no information on where the records were received or the accuracy of the record for the information that he was using.

There was one particular phone call I thought was interesting , it was a three-second call where they said he moved from one Tower to another in 3 seconds.

So they’re building a foundation for something here but I must also note again the information is not AT&T records but a spreadsheet on Excel forum used by mr. Cook so I’m not sure about the records and we’ll see where it goes and I know it’s a short report but that’s all I got this morning.

I’m not really sure this information will be beneficial to the DA at all so we’ll wait and see.

Going back in court at 1:30