We all hate this segment of the Frank Carson et. al. preliminary hearing. Prosecuting DA Marlissa Fereirra is laying foundation on her cell phone ping evidence. Slide after slide is being presented by her self-professed cell phone expert Jim Cook. Multiple objections to each slide results, mostly concerning the way Ms. Fereirra attempts to ask her questions. She continues to ask compound questions, but it seemed to me that she did less of these this afternoon. Marty Carlson and I are going to split up our reporting for now. Marty covered the morning session today, and I covered the afternoon session. We are both being destroyed by the demands that this hearing has put on our lives. This split duty should allow us to have lives once again. I need to hit the gym and work out like I was doing before this fiasco began.

We started out the afternoon session at 1:42 PM covering slide 131 out of 309 total. It concerned cell phone conversations between devices associated with Daljit Atwal and a woman named Sandy Villalobos. I have not heard this name mentioned before in court. There were a total of 10 conversations between Daljit Atwal and Ms. Villalobos. Each call was gone over, with Jim Cook testifying about which cell phone towers were involved with each call. There was one call initiated by CHP Officer Eduardo Quintaro and Daljit Atwal that was covered on this slide as well. Defense Attorney Martha Carlton Magana asks the judge if we are going to go through each and every call. Judge Zuniga tells her that we are going to go through each and every call. We are all getting our minds turned to mush by Marlissa Fereirra’s tactics. I guess it is necessary, but it seems to be torture to us. Judge Zuniga seems to be getting as upset about her tactics as we are. She told Marlissa to shorten up her questions. Marlissa modified her approach after this comment by the judge, and things went a little bit quicker after that.

All the defense attorneys are getting upset with Jim Cook’s attorney son who sits next to Marlissa Fereirra during the Power Point presentation. They objected to his whispering the questions to Marlissa that she asked his father on the stand. I guess there is nothing against the law for him to be doing this, because Judge Zuniga overruled their objections. It did seem to me that he whispered less in Marlissa’s ear after the objections. It just doesn’t seem right to me that he is allowed to tag team with his dad on the stand, while working with the Prosecuting DA.

One of the slides still had the Carson property labeled as the “Crime Scene.” This was objected to, and Marlissa said that they must have “Missed One.”

We then went into the Daljit Atwal cell phone relationships between 01/11/2011 and 01/27/2014. It is brought out that there were 954 calls by Eduardo Quintaro to Pop N Cork Liquor during this time period. Many objections flew in the courtroom on the cell phone relationships, and Marlissa Fereirra got visibly flustered during this point. She got dis-respectful with the judge. Judge Zuniga: “Don’t give me the eye roll Mam.” She denied that she had done so, but we could all see her do it.

We now go on to the cell phone calls concerning Frank Carson, and the cell phone towers that were associated with those calls. Many of the calls were between Frank Carson’s law office and the Stanislaus County Courtroom. Marlissa had trouble crafting her questions during this portion of testimony, and had to re-craft her questions multiple times. She lost her composure once again. We are done for the day. This preliminary trial will continue tomorrow at 9:30 AM.

Sincerely; William Thomas Jensen (Tom)

I appreciate Tom taking over today as I was hardly able to walk after lunch today due to my back, we may start a taking turns in the courtroom due to both our health issues.



  1. These dam cell phone calls are stupid. The DA is just using them to keep Carson and others in jail. Why is Jim Cook’s son there anyway, what and where does he fit in? He needs to take his stupid father and go home. All Cook is doing is trying to be a teacher and his show he is putting on is for the birds. All cases that he has testified in he has done the same thing put on a show. He needs to go back to class himself and get with up to date progress on the dam pinging towers. He has not proved anything other than cell phones being used, not by who or even close to the exact spot used in. It doesn’t take a Rocket Scientist to know their is no way in hell he can say who was on the phone or the exact place. He was not there when these calls were made he is just reviewing the records. This is a big waste of time and money. How can he even charge Stanislaus Co. or should I say the tax payers for this when he knew from the start where he was to focus on and who. There is a case where a Judge would not let his opinion in exactly because of the same thing he is doing here. $200.00 per hour what a joke.

    • wonder if the son is getting 200/hr too? i will pretend to be his son for minimum wage. just sit and do nothing except whisper into Fererreia’s ear. I will even roll my eyes at the judge for an extra $50

      • I was thinking you could pay 20 tweakers 10/hr to do what this guy is doing and keep the money in Stanislaus County? Be kind of fun too watching 20 tweakers present information. It would cut down on crime too because they wouldn’t be out stealing shit for 309 slides. That’s probably how you guys tell time now too “What time is it?” “Slide 32 1/2 pm”

        “Lunch break is at slide 40 1/4 p.m.)”

  2. Yes Tom this segment is straining at best especially when we all see what is going on here… Thanks so much for hanging in there (both of you)
    This smug clown of an expert is so biased, his labeling on some of the slides are plain hateful and I am sure he has been prodded by the DA
    Shame on him also for being un – truthful, he is a joke

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